Labs USA Is Your Complete Source For Lab Furniture Systems. Our Experienced Team Of Furniture Specialists and Project Designers Can Help With Design & Layouts, CAD Drawings, Specifications, and Estimates. 

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In Stock, Ready To Ship! Metal Casework, Stainless Steel Casework, Work Surfaces, Fixtures, Tables, Shelving, Fume Hoods, and More. 


Our Project Managers and Factory Trained Installers Are Ready To Lead You Through The Completion Of Your Fast Track Lab Build or Remodel.

We Have The Lab Furnishings You Need When You Want Them. Our Quick Delivery Lab Furnishings Program Is Much More Than Just The Availability Of Product.

Our Experienced Team Of Furniture Specialists, Project Designers, And Project Managers Are Ready & Available To Lead You Through The Completion Of Your Fast Track Lab Renovation, Or New Lab Project.

Complete Lab Furniture Systems, Casework, Work Surfaces, Sinks, Adjustable Tables, Fixtures,  Cleanrooms, and Shelving.

Fume Hoods such as Benchtop, Exhaust Snorkels, Walk-in, Ductless, Laminar Flow for Dust, Chemicals, and Hazardous Fumes.

Healthcare and Medical Equipment Such As Medical Lab Carts, Mobile Shelves, Inventory, Lockers, Storage Racks and More.

All in-stock stainless-steel, painted steel, wood and phenolic casework have a powder coated finish that is SEFA 8 compliant. A wide range of colors and cabinet styles.

Modular Lab Wood Workspace to be the long-lasting casework solution for active, changing workflow interiors. The structural frame gives you progressive adaptability to reconstruct and reuse modules.

Laboratory shelving systems for bench and wall mount. Heavy-duty steel, wire shelving, and phenolic shelving make a perfect solution for all lab applications.

Can be ordered in different depths, with special edge details, with extra high back-splashes, or a variety of cutouts. Modular lab benches provide a stable and vibration resistant work-space for sensitive procedures.

Adjustable lab tables provide the user with the highest quality and most flexible lab system adapting to the demanding needs and changing equipment.

In stock, ready to ship devices, washers, incubators, ovens, water baths, water purification and apparatus for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. For medical, laboratory, research, and pharmaceutical.

Dykier called us for a chemical exhaust snorkel for dentist lab. Ben knew that we have snorkels in-stock and was able to find a solution promptly.

DNA analysis and testing probiotics lab furniture, with bacteriological lab stainless steel benchtop, cabinets and casework for lab culturing, and design all drawers, cabinets, shelves, and handles.

Albion Tech found us through our website and knew we were the most qualified casework for mineral lab specialists because we had done a plethora of casework, fume hoods, and lab furniture.

New Products & Updates

Chemistry hood to eliminate hazardous fumes, chemicals, compounds and more. The laboratory fume hood is chemical and heat resistant.

Pharmaceutical powder fume hoods for powder weighing and protection for drugs or compounding. Our containment vented balance enclosure makes use of HEPA filters to clean the air.

Lab water purifier for distilled water systems and filters to obtain lab results that are consistent, and repeatable. Type 1 water and we keep filters in-stock.

Exhaust Snorkel Original for fume extraction for fumes, chemicals, dust and more. Get pricing now and order online today!

Dental Exhaust Snorkels are an effective way to re-open dentist offices while reducing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to patients and dental hygienists and dentists. 

Balance Enclosures fume hood with HEPA filter to provide user protection by keeping powders and particulates contained during procedures involving powders.

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