The lab adjustable lab tables are the main element of the laboratory. Other furnishings and accessories are assembled around it, creating a well-functioning lab. Adjustable lab tables are the ideal solution for a modern, state-of-the-art laboratory.

Laboratory Adjustable Tables

Adjustable Laboratory Tables

Adjustable lab tables provide the user with the highest quality and most flexible lab system, adapting to the demanding needs and changing equipment in the lab of today and tomorrow. Ergonomically our systems accommodate the necessary lab equipment while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. They are robust and extremely flexible, effortlessly adapting to individual needs, new equipment, and changes in the environment or work. Carefully selected materials and ingenious design provide maximum durability, stability, and usability, even under maximum load.

Adjustable Lab Tables Are The Heart and Soul of the Laboratory

Adjustable lab tables come in three standard depths of 24”, 30”, and 36”, and five standard lengths of 40”, 48”, 60”, 72”, and 80”. Casters may be installed to provide mobility for reconfiguration, cleaning, or repositioning. With the installation of uprights, the adjustable lab tables become a complete workstation with a multitude of accessories to choose from to customize each workspace.

Laboratory Adjustable Tables
Location of the Correct View Angle

Focus point should follow these guidelines:

  • The continual movement of view should be in a 30-degree sector
  • Continuous view angle should keep the head in a comfortable position (line of sight should be 10 to 40 degrees below the horizontal line)
  • Displays should be positioned 20 degrees below the horizontal line.

Adjustable Lab Tables for Standup and Steated Work

The decision of seated or standing work is dependent upon the work to be executed. Such factors determine the height of the worksurface as the size and weight of the part, precision need, assembly process, repetitiveness, etc. Differences in operator height require height adjustment for the adjustable lab worksurface and accessories. 

Furthermore, the right leg space, optimal reach distances, and directions provide optimal work movements and position for the operator. When designing the workspace for a seated operation leg space should be at least 31.50” wide and 35.50” deep at floor level. For stand up work, leg space requirements are much less.

Standup Work
Seated Work
Laboratory Adjustable Tables

Reaching distances and heights

To improve working postures in assembly work, the most often used parts placed into the optimal horizontal working area within workers sight. Avoid overly large or deep lab tables, which can cause improper reach and reduced productivity. Assembly work is most ergonomic when parts are within easy view and reach.

The vertical work area and reach zone can be fine-tuned with accessories. Sovella’s height adjustment arms optimize work movements and keep parts or tools within easy access. Operators can work with wrists and arms in optimal posture with shoulders relaxed. Tilted bin rails and shelves keep the wrist in a neutral position with picking parts. The tilt angle also provides easy identification of the parts with the proper viewing angle.

Utilizing proper reach distance can reduce the workstation footprint to optimize valuable factory real estate.

Laboratory Adjustable Tables

Solutions that satisfy even the most demanding lab users!

Laboratory Adjustable Tables

Technical Lab

Laboratory Adjustable Tables

Pharmaceutical Lab With Motorized Lab Benches

Laboratory Adjustable Tables

Reagent Racks Added To Existing Lab

Laboratory Adjustable Tables

ADA Motorized Lab Bench

Laboratory Adjustable Tables


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