Each kind of fume hood provides unique features to fit most chemical fume needs. We have fume hoods that are chemical resistant, acid resistant, and for most common chemicals. Many of the chemical fume hoods meet specific requirements of various companies whether it is a chemical, powder, pharmaceutical, or other. Call our experts for detailed information on each.

Probably the most common laboratory fume hood. It captures chemical fumes through the vents and exhausts through the duct at the top. It comes in many different sizes to fit most cabinetry and rests on top. Lined with a chemical resistant coating in case of spills. The tempered glass provides a full view inside.

The CHEM model has extendable arms mounted to the wall or ceiling that made of double anodized aluminum. The extendable arm is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. Shown here is fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.

These chemical fume hood cabinets are suitable for work with toxic chemicals. It is ideal for all circumstances since no re-circulation occurs.

In theory, these chemical fume hoods may be considered the safest of all fume hoods. The total exhaust feature acts as a fail-safe system in the event the exhaust HEPA filtration cease to function normally.

Ductless fume hoods have fans to suck chemical fumes into HEPA and carbon filters. The hood provides a safe and effective solution to hazardous chemicals for all facilities. 

Easy to clean, corrosion and chemical resistant makes it an ideal worktop for chemical experiments. Furthermore, you can assure the safety of your facility and staff.

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