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Laboratory Furniture In-Stock Design and Installation

What's Important for Designing a Lab Space

Our experienced team is ready to help lead you through the renovation of an old lab or building a new one. On this page is to help develop your information base and assist you in the design and decision-making process.

Step One - Understanding the Lab Space

First, you should survey the laboratory space and consider the overall amount of space that will be used by the techs, applications, and equipment in the lab. Be sure that all the essential utility services, sanitary, and chemical drains are available. When considering a fume hood, make sure to have the exit route for the ducting. Furthermore, think about how the facility’s needs may change in the future, and if modular furniture could be a better fit.

Step Two – Designing a Casework Layout

Let us help you design a casework layout that best suits you and your space. We can help you with all the safety guidelines. Don’t hesitate to include any team member’s input in the designing process to meet their specific needs while we create some sample layouts.

Step Three - Furnishing Your Lab

Let us help you make a list of all the lab furniture you need to complete your space. Some furniture and equipment include casework, cabinets, countertops, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, fixtures, benchtop equipment, seating, cleanrooms, water purification systems, refrigerators, cold rooms, etc. One of our Labs USA furniture designers will help you with planning, prepare budget pricing, and be the one contact for your design throughout the entire process.

Lab Design Contact Us
Lab Design Contact Us

Developing Project Goals

Your project timeline could be as little as a few weeks to as much as a few years. We are here to help minimize this process. We can help to formulate a clear understanding of the project goals and navigate typical project pitfalls.

A Project Team Needs to be Selected

The team will need a captain to ensure that the project will run smoothly. The team should consist of the people who understand all elements of the project, from the fundamental design to how it will suit current objectives and future requirements. The team will be responsible for establishing budgets and developing schedules.

The Team Should Include:

  1. Facilities operations and management – these are the people to help determine if the design meets facility guidelines, maintenance requirements, and available utilities.
  2. The health and safety officer at the facility to ensure compliance with site, state and federal safety codes and guidelines
  3. Laboratory management for the lab space
  4. Individuals that will be using the lab space
  5. One of our lab furniture specialists

The team captain needs to organize the members and guide them on their contribution to the project. That person will document details, developments, changes, and keep the project on track.

Lab Design Contact Us
Lab Design Contact Us