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Medical providers use lots of items each day to treat patients, and they use several of each product throughout their shifts. Employees stock these items, so there may be many organizations involved in getting providers the inventory they need daily. Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves is a solution that meets your organization’s needs with features such as automated inventory management, data capture, mobile access, and data storage. An inventory mobile shelving system is a must for busy hospitals. They include tracking and tracing inventory used in any medical setting. Inventory shelves utilizes barcodes as well as RFID tags with identification numbers for every item to allow for accurate tracking. Employees can scan the barcodes with scanners or devices and trust the data will be stored in the system. The automatic data capture ensures accurate reporting for charting and inventory purposes.

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We are pleased to introduce Pegasus Medical Storage and Supply to our product line. And I like to introduce you to the company and the mobile medical basket shelves. They have been on the medical side and working with healthcare and hospitals for decades.

We work with you as far as to design, the installation, customer site, any type of support that we need from us. We’re more than happy to work with you and keep it all under the same roof with our design team and laying out the areas and again, working with you and getting the right solution.

Organized Storage in Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves


By placing supplies in appropriate categories and applying unique colors to each class, the clinicians are provided greater visibility. Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves is a new ergonomic basket handles with interchangeable colored strips. This enables clinicians to quickly locate supplies using colored group categories as shown in the picture above.  

Replaceable color strips pictured above.

Category Colors & Rack Locator

Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves High-Density Storage Rack

High-Density Storage Rack
High-Density Storage Rack

Medical basket stroage is showing all of the bottles and all with the ball bearing glides. Again, that’s for heavier items. And they all pull out. And again, we could also add in handles with it, the handles and the color coding is an option in this case. They chose not to do it, but we could easily come back and always it in the handles. We needed to. Shows how the medical basket shelf can pull all the way out with the ball bearing glides.

The tilt medical basket shelf bins to maximize your amount storage for very small items. You’ve got it so you can see everything and you could just pop out the bins and get right into your supplies.

High-Density Storage Rack

The Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves Flow

Clinicians need to quickly and easily locate supplies for better patient care and efficient operations. Studies show that nurses spend at least 5-20% of their time retrieving supplies. Well designed and implemented mobile medical basket shelves can dramatically decrease the time spent by nurses searching for and retrieving supplies.

Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves

[1] Process begins with a fully stocked basket

Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves

[2] Clinicians take from the front bin (Rear Bin Houses Back-Up Supplies)

[3] Clinician who takes the last item will move the slider to the right creating an order for that item. Red label indicates that the item is on-order

Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves

[4] Clinician has back up stock available in the rear bin to continue patient care

Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves

[5] Supply Tech Brings Replenishment Order to Location
– Rotates Remaining Stock From Rear to Front
– Moves RFID Slider to Left Indicating Supplies are In Stock
– Places New Supplies in the Rear Bin

Very Efficient and Easy to Find

Inventory Management System

Recognize customers needs in different geographical markets and make them into commercial products

Our methodology comprises of three elements. One is the ISO 60-40 or the international standard for the baskets. And that is a 60 cm. by 40 cm. wide baskets, which has become the global standard size. We also work with the Kanban inventory management system and lean management concepts with our baskets and all. We can set things up in Kanban. We also have a Kanban RFID inventory management medical high-density storage, and we have color-coding for in keeping with the lean concepts. We can color-code everything and makes it very efficient and easy for the customers to find things.

Medical Bin Shelves

Tin-Bin System for Medical Inventory

Utilize your storage space efficiency and increase the visibility of small parts storage

We can start first with our medical storage and supply products. We’ve got the medical bin shelves. We’ve got a couple of different varieties and different ways that we can store. The medical bin shelves makes it easy to flip it out for the user to get the product.

Modules ISO 60-40- Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves

Embrace medical basket storage standards – store your low unit of measure items as well as bulk items in ISO trays and baskets.

We also have our modules and these are the 60-40 baskets and they are set up into mobile medical basket shelves. We’ve got two different configurations we could set these up: one being deeper and one being wider. It just depends on the amount of wall space. But also, you can notice with the module system how we have the color-coded handles. We have 20 different colors that you can work with so that it makes it more accessible and efficient for the customer and the end-users to find their products.

Gondola Medical Bin Shelves Cabinet System

Like the medical bin shelves, you can see we do have the color coding for that. We can put him in the gondolas style, where they slide in front of one another to maximize the storage space.

Anti-Bacterial Medical Shelving

Anti-bacterial medical shelving

We also have our anti-bacterial shelving. This is becoming very popular, especially in the climate that we have with the COVID-19 anti-bacterial shelving for the medical industry.

Medical Bin Shelves Small Part Storage

Carousel Tilt - Out Bins

Carrousel Systems

Medical Metal Cabinets

Medical Cabinets

Carrousel System- Increased ergonomics & visibility We’ve got the carousel system, which can go with the Tilt – Out bins or metal cabinets, with color-coding.

Metal Cabinets- Secure cabinets combined with tilt-bins & color-coding. Again, notice the color-coding; that’s very big as far as the lean concept goes.

Metal Medical Bin Shelves Cabinets

Metal cabinets with louvered panels & plastics bin. We can have with the bins or pegboards to hang different items. And again, it’s the diversity of the products that we have.

Metal Cabinet
Metal Cabinet Bins
Metal Cabinet Bins

Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves

Medical Inventory Shelves

This is showing the tilt-bin Medical Inventory Mobile Shelves; just makes it easy for the nurse to find a product and pick it out. And also, it saves a lot of space. Have a neat gondola size.

Plastic Drawer Medical High-Density Storage

Plastic Drawer Storage System
Plastic Drawer Storage System

These are units that are stackable, three drawers per unit. We just stack them right on top of one another. So it gives you the flexibility, if you needed to add on to it and just makes it easy to set everything up.

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