How to Handle Hazardous Drugs and Improve Lab Productivity and Safety

Posted: Jan 18, 2019 4:38 AM MST

Labs USA provides help to customers to safely handle hazardous drugs and improve lab productivity and lab safety for laboratory employees and workers.

How to Handle Hazardous Drugs In Laboratories
Labs USA helps all types of laboratories stay safe from hazardous drugs.”

Salt Lake City, Utah – Laboratories of all types can find help dealing with hazardous drugs with the help of Labs USA.

Over 500,000 people work in laboratories throughout the United States, and hazardous drugs can place them in danger unless the right precautions are taken, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Lab workers can be in danger if they are exposed to hazards including hazardous drugs, chemicals, biological, physical, and radioactive

Labs USA provides help to testing labs, medical labs, chemical labs, and laboratories of all kinds to make them a safe place for lab employees.

“We know what it takes for any type of lab to comply with the local, state, and federal regulations. Prevention is far better and less expensive than facing the adverse effects of hazardous drugs or another hazard by an employee,” explained Ben Adams, director of laboratory sales at Labs USA.

“We help supervisors and managers who are responsible for maintaining laboratories a safe, healthy place to work. We know how important it is to ensure that applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations are followed. This enables them to be OSHA compliant, and their employees to be safe at all times,” added Adams.

Labs USA has over $4 million of lab equipment and furniture ready for immediate shipment to customers in any location. They provide a complete service that includes help with planning, design, and implementation to ensure safety as well as efficient workflow.

Labs USA has lab furniture such as casework, fume hoods, workstations and more, along with laboratory equipment such as cleanrooms, safety cabinets, emergency equipment, washers, incubators, ovens, water baths, and water purification in-stock ready to ship to any location.

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