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LabsUSA Selected to Supply Lab Equipment and Lab Furniture for New Material Testing Laboratory

Posted: Dec 11, 2018 2:21 PM MST

Labs USA of Salt Lake City was recently selected by Dyad Labs to provide the lab furniture the lab equipment for Dyad Labs when they established a new material testing laboratory.
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“Dyad Labs began a new facility and LabsUSA provided the lab equipment and furniture.”

Salt Lake City, Utah – Dyad Labs selected Labs USA for the design and layout of the lab furniture and equipment needed for a new material testing laboratory.

“Dyad Labs a leading medical testing laboratory in Utah. With their growing business, they moved into a newer space and they needed to setup and equip a new materials testing lab. They needed to avoid any downtime in the laboratory, so they came to us for the right furniture and equipment, delivered and installed by their deadline,” explained Ann Marie Hillier, director of laboratory sales at Labs USA.

Labs USA has more than $4 million of in-stock lab furniture and lab equipment ready to ship on short notice. Hillier was able to help design and supply all their needs within the very short amount of time they had available for their move.

“We also have access to many styles and color options, which made it possible to match their facility beautifully. Now they have a materials testing laboratory they are proud of as they serve their customers from and nationwide,” said Hillier.

Labs USA has everything a lab might need in the way of lab furniture, such as casework, fume hoods, workstations and more. Each laboratory has different needs and functions, and Labs USA can design furniture and equipment for every application.

It is important to find the right furniture for labs to get the most productivity and safety. Labs USA, laboratory furniture contractors, can design and provide lab furniture that comes with various different options to meet specific needs for every customer. Lab Furniture is designed and manufactured for all types of laboratories to enable them to be more productive and safer.

Labs USA offers some money-saving-features, such as the Labs USA in-stock program. They have a warehouse stocked with more than $4 million in lab furniture and equipment. This means needs can be met quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. Labs that are remodeling, making upgrades, replacements, or a move into new facilities can benefit from this benefit.

Company Name: Labs USA
Phone: 801-855-8560
Address: 2180 S Constitution Blvd, Suite 202
City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
Country: United States

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