Why are Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surfaces Important?


Phenolic resin work surfaces for laboratory furniture are essential for chemical resistant, hygienic, waterproof work surfaces.

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surface

Phenolic Resin Work Surfaces for Chemicals

Chemical Spill In Laboratory

Chemical spills of all kinds are often a concern on laboratory work surfaces and furniture.

Worktops in testing, medical, chemical or other labs must be easy to clean and maintain. They must be chemical resistant, hygienic, durable, and easy to clean.

It is important to select the right lab furniture to avoid problems in the future. The right surface not only has an impact on the quality of the work performed, but the right surface provides long-term use and the best return on investment.

The surface needs to be easy to clean and maintain, hygienic, chemical resistant, durable, and flexible. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the appropriate material for each lab application. Phenolic resin meets these requirements and produces the ideal surface for laboratory furniture worktops. Phenolic resin resists extreme high and low temperatures, won’t warp, or stain. It is moisture-proof, scratch resistant, and maintains its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Phenolic resin work surfaces also make an excellent choice in an environment where labs must perform experiments in a contamination-free environment.

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surface

What are Phenolic Resins?

Phenolic resins are compounds that combine formaldehyde and phenol which create networks of permanently bonded molecules. The properties of phenol formaldehyde resin vary depending on the exact balance between formaldehyde and phenol, and the acid or a base used as a catalyst in the process.

Utilizing water and a base with surplus formaldehyde forms a polymer called a resole. It is common for resoles to be combined under pressure and heat to create a bonding material often used between layers of plywood. Phenol resins are used to make plywood used for outdoor applications and harsh conditions or moisture. Plywood is made stronger, more durable, and longer lasting with the use of phenol resins in the plywood manufacture.

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surfaces with sink and peg board above

Properties of Phenolic Resins

Phenolic resins have excellent resistance to both chemicals as well as heat, making them perfect for volatile and harsh environments. They are flame resistant and non-conductive. These qualities make phenolic resin the preferred choice for lab furniture. For laboratories that require compliance with fire safety, combustion, toxicity standards, and smoke emission needs lab furniture made with phenolic resins. Which enables a lab to meet or exceed the local, state, federal, and OSHA health & safety standards.

Phenol formaldehyde resin properties include low density, good thermal insulation, and excellent durability. They are easy to mold into complex contours and in a variety of shapes, which means they are adaptable to custom environments and equipment.

Companies such as advanced electronics, ballistics, mine ventilation, aerospace, offshore pipes, rail, and mass transit systems commonly use phenolic resin laboratory furniture. All of these uses require a material that is durable and non-reactive. It is ideal for use in lab furniture, tabletops, countertops, and work surfaces throughout a lab.

Why are Lab Worktops Made from Phenolic Resins the Best Choice?

Phenolic resin lab work surfaces comply with the requirements provide many benefits that most laboratories need. These benefits include wear, water, and chemical resistance. Since there is a range of chemicals employed in lab work and experiments, worktops in lab environments must build from materials that can resist scuffs, withstand spills, and abrasions. They must also hold up exceptionally well against stress and impact cracking. Lab countertops and work surfaces made from phenolic resin are known to perform for many years, keeping labs operating efficiently, and looking clean.

Phenolic resin is a material that is very easy to work with from a manufacturing viewpoint. It is easy to accommodate itself to any customization, and it is much less expensive when compared to epoxy. It is also readily available, which means shorter lead times for customized lab furniture design projects.

Phenolic resin lab countertops are not flame retardant; they can endure continuous heat exposure up to 350°F. However, they will eventually catch fire at high heat. Lab furniture made with phenolic resin is reasonably priced and makes for an all-around useful lab countertop and work surface for lab furniture. Casework made from phenolic resin is also an excellent choice for lab furniture.

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surfaces with sink and peg board above

Best Suited Applications for Phenolic Resins

Chemical, biological, analytical, testing and clinical labs all have an environment that will benefit from the use of lab furniture that incorporates phenolic resins in its design and manufacture. Laboratories such as these perform tests and experiments where results depend on a non-contaminated environment. These labs require all the lab work surfaces to be chemical resistant, hygienic, and impervious, which enables these surfaces to be easily cleaned and maintained.

Laboratory operations are critical to business success and function. Everything in the laboratory needs careful consideration of each specific and unique environment. Additional consideration must be given not just to acquisition cost, but also durability to facilitate long term use. Appearance and aesthetics of the laboratory contribute to job satisfaction of employees, and quality appearance for visiting clients. The use of quality laboratory furniture made from phenolic resin provides everything that is needed by all types of labs to ensure the best possible environment in the lab for the longest possible time.

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surface
Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surface
Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surface
Phenolic Resin Laboratory Work Surface

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