Fume Hoods for Pharmaceutical Labs

The Client

Fume Hoods for Pharmaceutical labs Farley White

Farley White Interests 

Pharmaceutical Labs in Boston, Massachusetts

The Situation

Farley White Interests was founded in 1995 by John F. Power and Roger “Sam” Altreuter and specialized in quality commercial properties located in MA, NH, CT, & FL. Farley White Management Company based in Boston with site offices, Lowell and Billerica, Massachusetts, as well as Bedford, New Hampshire, and Tampa, Florida. They own and operate over 4 million square feet of commercial buildings that serve over 250 tenant customers. These buildings range from converted nineteenth-century textile mill space to extremely modern structures and include office buildings, industrial buildings, and pharmaceutical labs.  Farley White bases its company’s success on an intense effort to evaluate the unique strengths of individual property and foresee how those attributes can be enhanced. With this in mind they had taken on a new feature to manage in Boston for a pharmaceutical lab, and they desperately needed fume hoods, snorkels, and laboratory furniture.

The Solution

The way Farley White is passionate about buildings, Labs USA is passionate about laboratory furniture. Ben Adams at Lab USA provided in stock options that were ready to ship. Labs USA was hired to be their laboratory furniture contractor in Boston. Ben was able to help design and supply all their pharmaceutical lab furniture within the short amount of time they had left. Labs USA also has access to many styles and color options that matched their needs beautifully. Labs USA provided them with a solution promptly, now Farley White pharmaceutical labs own fume hoods they can pride themselves in.


Lab furniture such as fume hoods, casework, snorkels and more; all provide an essential function for every laboratory.  

  • Snorkel exhaust fume hoods are much smaller than other types of ventilation hoods and can be situated in much more convenient positions thanks to their mobile nature. In research facilities, they allow for convenient workspaces when the larger fume hoods are in use.
  • The in-stock casework program is ready when you are and is designed “For the ones who get it done”. We are the do the full design and laboratory furniture contracting for a seamless install. Our in-stock casework program provides you an extensive selection of lab furnishings that are available in a matter of days. All in-stock stainless steel casework and chemical hoods have a powder coated “Pearl White” finish that is SEFA 8 compliant.  A wide range of other colors and cabinet styles are available through our CornerStone casework program.

  • Airstream biological safety cabinet fume hoods are in stock ready to ship. Features a compact design and low energy operation. The silver ions in the coating can kill bacterium contaminants. It eliminates fumes from front, back, and sides to create a ISO class 3 work zone and to prevent cross contamination. It’s fit with a ULPA air filter optimized to give large performance envelope that provides operator and product protection at wide inflow and downflow variation. 


It is important to find the right furniture for labs to get the most productivity and safety. Our lab furniture comes in various different options to meet specific needs for every customer. Our in-stock casework program provides you an extensive selection of lab furnishings that are available in a matter of days.


Lab Furniture is designed and manufactured for laboratories to be more productive and safer. Whether it’s a caseworkfume hood, or chairs; our lab furniture is deigned to fit your facilities specific needs.

Chemical fume hoods, when used properly, are one of the most reliable engineering controls in the laboratory. They protect workers by: Containing vapors, dusts, gases, and fumes generated within the hood, and removing them as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system.

  • Containing vapors, dusts, gases, and fumes generated within the hood, and removing them as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system
  • Contributing to laboratory ventilation as air flows through the hood
  • Shielding the worker with a clear sliding window, called a sash, that contains aerosols and prevents injury from splashes, fires, or minor explosions that may occur inside the hood

Stainless steel is one of the most durable laboratory casework materials out there. Add that to the fact that most stainless steel casework can be coated with an epoxy finish, it’s the perfect sterile surface for just about any lab. Stainless steel is difficult to dent, and even more difficult to break, which means that no matter your client’s application, stainless steel casework is going to hold up considerably longer than any other commonly used casework material on the market.

The in-stock casework program is ready when you are and is designed “For the ones who get it done”. We are the do the full design and laboratory furniture contracting for a seamless install.

  • Arms are 2″, 3″, or 4″ in diameter, consisting of thin-walled anodized aluminum sections specific to the model
  • Noted models are corrosion resistant
  • Exhaust connection point swivels with 360-degree rotation
  • The adjustment knobs on the articulated friction joints are supported by ball-bearings
  • Mini bell mouthed hood is supplied with the arm
  • All arms are provided with dampers
  • The snorkel is furnished complete with wall/ceiling mount bracket and a trimmable 43” (109.2 cm) extension

Return on Investment

There are many money saving features about our lab furniture. One important feature is our in-stock program. We have a warehouse stocked full of lab furniture totaling over $4 million. By hiring a laboratory furniture contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah your facility can avoid downtime and make upgrades or replacements much simpler.

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