Storage For Any Climate Change!

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves offers security for belongings that need extra care. We can help you focus on a complete storage solution that optimizes space, supports accurate inventory management practices, and improves workflow to increase productivity in your laboratory using .
Easily identify your supplies and materials on-hand with racks that deliver industry-leading open wire storage. Overhead track system compensates for uneven floors and makes access easy, with no underfoot tracks to stumble over or trap dirt. These racks also feature easily adjustable storage compartments so that, when your needs change, the racks can change too.

Operating a cooler and freezer is expensive, Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves is a cold storage space that would allow for future growth while still occupying the smallest space available.

Not all supplies and materials can be at room temperature. Our mobile shelving can help design storage that can reduce the storage footprint used in a refrigerated space by half. By using high density mobile shelving that is manufactured specifically for climate controlled environments, you increase the amount of shelving by reducing aisle ways and at the same time add security as it is needed. 

The Labs-USA advantage:

  • Protects products while still being accessible
  • Saves space by up to three times as much
  • Conserves energy 
  • Improves organization and efficiency with every product
  • Complies with all applicable building codes
We are a one-stop-shop for laboratory construction and design requirements! We do full designs, drawings and site visits.
Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

Climate Controlled Storage For Your Goods

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

Your goods or products may need a particular onsite storage solution due to their size, shape, or temperature requirements. If your business or industry requires that your goods or products kept in a cold or climate controlled environment, our high-density mobile shelving solutions are right for you. We supply our climate controlled mobile shelves storage solutions to a wide range of businesses and industries throughout the world, who wish to benefit from keeping their stock protected and at the right temperature.

Composed of conventional racking and shelving installed on mobile bases, they will help prevent your stored items from deterioration. Adjustable, extendable, and fully customizable, they can accommodate a range of uses, from walk-in freezer rooms to cold storage facilities and other temperature-controlled environments. Find out more about the benefits of our mobile high-density storage systems.

Our compact climate controlled mobile shelves mobile racking and shelving systems combine high reliability and superior performance with sufficient energy savings. Operate at optimum efficiency, maximize your inventory, and store it in ideal conditions without a commercial freezer burn. There’s room to grow! Let us tailor your cold environment mobile storage solutions to your needs.

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves Benefits

  • The benefit of various controls, technologies, remote features & safeties such as Smartphone remote control, automated aisles mobile system, automated ventilation mode, or controller with PIN code for added security.
  • Keep products at peak freshness, even in a climate controlled storage environment, with dense mobile storage, which is less costly to run.
  • Accommodate various pallet sizes and weights and achieve greater flexibility for different food products.
  • Maximize your floor space and get safe and secure access to your pallets.
  • A customized storage system that meets your specific health and hygiene conditions requirements.
  • The highest performance and durability, built with premium components, such as hinged doors, heavy-duty handles, and powder-coated steel.
Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

Treat your products with utmost care with mobile racking solutions for cold storage. By adding Mobile Racking or shelving to a cooler or freezer, you can store much more inventory in the same square footage. This reduces the need to build a larger cooler or freezer, which can be expensive. Also, a denser mobile storage system reduces the utility costs for cooling the space as there is less space to chill.

  • Temperature – Controlled Storage Systems offers several unique features, such as:
  • Precise climate control to reduce the risk of condensation.
  • Pressure valve mounted on each control box.
  • Steel festoon cable trolleys versus plastic ensure that all of the track-mounted wires will move smoothly.
  • It provides controlled equalization of pressure created by temperature variations.
  • Built-in hot air convection system with preheat function, insulation, and active status lights.
  • Fully customizable and expandable compact space-saving design, which allows for many options and upgrades to suit most cold storage applications.
  • Products stored under the best conditions and health standards, preventing them from spoiling prematurely

Mobile Shelving Advantage

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves
Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

About Mobile Shelving: Mobile shelving offers a unique storage solution because it is tailored to fit your needs while increasing your storage capacity by up to 100%.  Unlike traditional stationary shelving, mobile shelving eliminates the need for multiple aisles, allowing you to make the most of your valuable space.  Mobile shelving also offers the option of increased security because the carriages can be locked.

Mobile shelving is evolving with the times. Mobile Shelving has been around for a long time. The medical community from large hospitals and health care systems to small and mid-sized doctor offices utilized its power to save space for the ever-growing medical charts taking space where medical facilities needed the space back for medical equipment and patient rooms.   So, the use of mobile shelving came to a bit of a lull, and many dealers and manufacturers had to adapt. Many went away as happens with a significant change in the market place. Some companies selling mobile shelving adapted as occurs during any process of evolution in business. Now mobile shelving is seeing a significant resurgence. It is still the same, but what companies are storing on it has changed.

Mobile Shelving Features

Unique Rail Guidance System

Aurora’s exclusive mobile guidance system provides straight tracking carriage movement with no play between rail and wheel.

  • Patented Concave Wheel/Convex Rail Design.
  • Even heavily loaded carriages move smoothly and securely.

Exclusive Rail Design

A barrier free rail makes the mobile system accessible and eliminates tripping hazards. Mail or supply carts are no problem as they roll easily over the rail.

Perfectly Aligned Rail

Dual pins ensure perfect alignment where rail is joined together, eliminating movement in any direction.

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves
Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

Aurora Mobile stores every imaginable item in space efficient moving carriages.

Carriages glide apart to create an access aisle, then glide to a closed position, storing more in less space.

  • Files and Documents
  • Binders
  • Office Supplies
  • Library Books, Periodicals, DVDs
  • Athletic Equipment and Uniforms
  • Garments
  • Weapons and Gear Bags
  • Small Parts and Inventory
  • Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Fulfillment Bags
  • Paintings, Sculptures and Artifacts
  • Retail Stock

Aurora Mobile Applications

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacy
  • K-12 and Higher Education
  • Library
  • Retail
  • Athletic
  • Museums
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance
  • Corporate

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

We all love the concept of no limits; free refills and all you can eat buffets. Sadly, there are some boundaries that can’t be avoided, like the physical dimensions of your building or retail space. What if you need to keep more inventory on hand because your products are in demand? What if your high-priced working space is being consumed by storage overflow? Or your product lines expand? Or your staff increases and they need a working space and storage space? You hit the limit… or maybe not.

What if there was a way to condense all that stuff and recover square footage for other uses, you can do just that. With mobile shelving systems designed to fit the exact needs of your facility. These ingenious systems replace empty aisle space with usable storage space. You can double your storage capacity within your existing footprint or you can reduce your storage floor space by as much as 50%. Customizable shelving accommodates your bulky boxes, your tiny artifacts, or anything in-between. No matter what your industry or organization, high-density mobile shelving systems give you more space for generating revenue. Get in touch with us to find out how to maximize your storage space.

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