Storage For Any Climate Change!

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves

Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves offers security for belongings that need extra care. We can help you focus on a complete storage solution that optimizes space, supports accurate inventory management practices, and improves workflow to increase productivity in your laboratory using .
Easily identify your supplies and materials on-hand with racks that deliver industry-leading open wire storage. Overhead track system
compensates for uneven floors and makes access easy, with no underfoot tracks to stumble over or trap dirt. These racks also feature easily adjustable storage compartments so that, when your needs change, the racks can change too.

Operating a cooler and freezer is expensive, Climate Controlled Mobile Shelves is a cold storage space that would allow for future growth while still occupying the smallest space available.

Not all supplies and materials can be at room temperature. Our mobile shelving can help design storage that can reduce the storage footprint used in a refrigerated space by half. By using high density mobile shelving that is manufactured specifically for climate controlled environments, you increase the amount of shelving by reducing aisle ways and at the same time add security as it is needed. 

The Labs-USA advantage:

  • Protects products while still being accessible
  • Saves space by up to three times as much
  • Conserves energy 
  • Improves organization and efficiency with every product
  • Complies with all applicable building codes
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