This dentist office opened after COVID-19 by installing Exhaust Snorkels to capture aerosol, vaper, and air contaminants from circulated into the air protecting dentist, dental hygienist, and patient from contracting the coronavirus.


Exhaust Snorkels for Dentist Office Opened After COVID-19.

The Client

Summerwood Family Dental

Dentist in Tualatin, Oregon

Exhaust snorkel in dentist office for covid-19

The Situation: How to Open Dentist Office Safely After COVID-19

During the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, the US had shut down many businesses to stop the spread of the coronavirus and flatten the curve. Many dentist offices were concerned about spreading the coronavirus through aerosol, vapors, and instruments to others.

The main concern was air contaminants from circulating into the air to dentists, dental hygienists, and patients (including the waiting room) from contracting the coronavirus. Aerosol & dental Instruments can spread the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Solution: How This Dentist Office Opened After COVID-19

This dentist office opened after COVID-19 by installing exhaust snorkels to capture aerosols, vapors, and air contaminants that may spread the coronavirus. Summerwood Family Dental ordered a dental exhaust snorkel for every patient chair.

It is used while the patient is being treated, which hovers over the patient’s head or mouth and acts as a vacuum for contaminates created by aerosols, vapers, and dental instruments.

Our customer, Julie from Summerwood Family Dental, was able to conveniently order online with consultation from our team.

Dentist patient with exhaust snorkel
Dentist Hygienists with exhaust snorkel

Dentist Chair and Exhaust SnorkelFeatures:

Dental Exhaust Snorkels are a helpful way to reopen dentist offices while preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to patients, dental hygienists, and dentists. Our snorkels can lessen airborne contamination and help dentists stay open after COIVD-19. Dental Exhaust Snorkels provide dental offices with solutions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) while using dental instruments like aerosol airborne contamination processes.

Health and safety organization coronavirus (COVID-19) recommends the importance of hazards of airborne aerosol contamination. Dental Aerosol Characteristics may contain microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria. Airborne contaminants may collect dust or other byproducts, including silica or mercury fumes. Both create a potential route for disease transmission and poses a risk to dentist offices, dental clinics, clinicians, staff, and patients.

Considering that patients who are asymptomatic may still be Coronavirus (COVID 19) infectious, it should be assumed that all dentist patients can transmit disease.” American Dental Association

To ensure proper capture and conveyance of the aerosol, it is vital to have an appropriate arm/hood placement and adequate airflow to create sufficient capture velocity and conveying velocity through the duct.

Dentist Exhaust Snorkels Installation is Flexible and Easy to Position

Dentist Exhaust Snorkel Cut SheetWherever Works Best for Your Dentist Office

The exhaust snorkels can be mounted and supported directly from through the ceiling or wall. Ceiling mounts save valuable dentist office space and improve safety by removing trip hazards. Alternatively, benchtop or mount down alternatives is also available.

Always in the Right Spot

With the unique ability to rotate 360 degrees at three joints, the snorkel can be placed at optimal angles to both capture the aerosol and reduce airborne contamination of COVID-19 without obstructing the dental clinic processes.

Exhaust Snorkel 3 Point 360 Swivel

Dentist Office Venting Options

There are three options for venting. Vent safely outside, thought the duct system. Exhaust through HEPA filters, which is then blown outdoors. Last, vented thought a HEPA filtered that will safely recirculate air back into the dentist’s office. We have them in stock and can ship as little as 1 week.

Exhaust Safely Outdoors

Exhaust Safely Outdoors

Exhaust HEPA Filtered Air Outdoors

Exhaust HEPA Filtered Air Outdoors

Recirculate HEPA Filtered Air

Recirculate HEPA Filtered Air

Dentist Exhaust Snorkels Safely Capture and Contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our exhaust snorkels safely capture and is the most capable and energy-efficient solution. It is vital to have an appropriate arm/hood placement and adequate airflow. We ensure the proper capture and conveyance of the aerosol to create sufficient capture velocity and conveying velocity through the duct.

The Arm Look, Feel and Function of the Dentist Exhaust Snorkel

Dentist Exhaust Snorkel Though the CeilingAppealing Design

A slim, smooth, and low-profile design matches dental office environments. The tubes are constructed of anodized aluminum (optional white coating), which is robust but looks excellent.

Operate with Ease

The snorkel arm has three joints with 360-degree rotation, which makes the arm easy for dentists and hygienists to adjust and move as needed.

It’s Whisper Quiet

The exhaust snorkel noise level is less than 60 dB, which is comparable to a typical conversation at the suggested air volume for capture.

Exhaust Snorkel Specifications

Dentist exhaust snorkels offer power and resilience combined with simple handling for dentists and hygienists. The anodized aluminum has three adjustable joints and a 360-degree swivel. It is suitable for the removal of irritant fumes, aerosols, and vapor. They can be installed into the general of the facility. They are reliable for dentist offices to reopen after COVID-19.

Available in 2″ – 4″ diameter with a maximum working radius of 42.9″ or 57.1″. Each exhaust snorkel is supplied with 5.5″ mini hood that will accept the optional hoods noted in the section below. It can swivel and rotate 360°, and can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. We offer the full mounting kits and hardware with each exhaust snorkel arm.

The new generation of Nederman Dental Exhaust Snorkels are available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ with the following capacity ranges of:

FX50-    2″: 30-65 cfm (50-110 m3/h)

FX75-     3″: 65-140 cfm (110-240m3/h)

FX100-  4″: 120-265 cfm (200-450 m3/h

Exhaust Snorkel Hoods

Combi Hood

The combination hood is designed to exhaust COVID-19 contaminants with low energy. This transparent combi hood is made of PET-G plastic. It’s attached directly to the dental exhaust snorkels regardless of the size or diameter of the arm. The handles on both sides of the hood make it easier to maneuver.

Transparent combi hood, made of PET-G plastic exhaust snorkel

Dome Hood

Transparent dome hood is designed to be used with high dispersion contaminants. The transparent hood is made of PET-G plastic. It can be attached to the hood regardless of the size of the extraction arm. Handles on both sides of the hood make it maneuver easier.

Transparent dome hood, made of PET-G plastic exhaust snorkel

Metal Hood

The powder-coated white metal hood is made of aluminum and is designed to economical various of all three. It is not necessarily recommended for the dentist because it does not allow the hygienists to see the patient. Although it is still capable of handling COVID-19 contaminates, and it’s excellent for aggressive fumes, high temperatures, corrosion resistance, and dust splatter. It can be attached to the exhaust snorkel of any size.

Powder coated white metal hood for exhaust Snorkel

Dentist Exhaust Snorkel Models

The ORIGINAL model is a robust and reliable all-around articulating arm for general applications and fumes, dust, where there is little to no electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals. The extraction arm is shown fitted with a multi-purpose transparent hood.

The CHEM model has profiles made of double anodized aluminum. The articulating arm is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. The extraction arm shown here is fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.

A chemical lab company reach out to us in search for a chemical resistant exhaust snorkel, and needed help fast.

Contractor reached out to  Labs USA on behalf of a School to see just how fast they could get lab exhaust snorkels shipped to them. 

Labs USA provided them with a solution promptly, Now Farley White pharmaceutical labs own fume hoods they can pride themselves in.

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