Hospital Sterile Storage Rack

Hospital Sterile Storage Rack is an essential component of patient care. Utilizing a well-organized sterile area allows staff to find what they need quickly, which improves response times. Your local Labs USA reps can recommend a variety of ways to not only enhance patient care but also control costs and save space.

Sterile Storage Main Features:

  • Stainless Steel container/pack beds will not rust and are scratch-resistant. Unlike plastic or powder-coated shelves, our stainless steel beds will not release unwanted particles into your sterile environment.

  • A completely modular system: spacing between shelves can be reconfigured by the end-user, without using any tools.

  • Access to entire Container/Pack via 110% retractable extension slides

  • Beds have raised side and back walls to assure containers/trays will not fall while beds get moved in and out

  • Load capacity per shelf: 37kg/88lbs

Hospital Sterile Storage offers ten units per box design. Each rack provides telescopic slides and grips that are easy to adjust.

Hospital Sterile Rack Dimension

  • Sterile storage rack dimensions are all available in 210cm (82.7”) – on special order

  • Racks have options to order with leveling feet instead of wheels – 4cm (4.6”) less in height

  • Rack load capacity holds up to 400kg (880 lb)

Hospital blue pull out bin shelving

Hospital blue pull out bin shelvingOur hospital sterile storage rack has pull out trays on ball bearing glides and the handle is built into the front of the tray, that pulls out. Again, just another type of storage solution that we have available. And as you notice in this picture, we’ve got to tilt bins on the right-hand side and we’ve got on the left-hand side all of the sterile baskets which pull on out. And then we’ve also had the flat shelving right up above it so we can accommodate all types of storage. And in here, we’ve got a combination of having the baskets in all with the pullout trays and also our baskets.

Hospital Sterile Storage Rack with blue pull out bins

And in here, we’ve got a combination of having the sterile baskets in all with the pullout trays and also our baskets

Hospital Sterile Storage Rack Baskets & Flat Wall Shelves

Hospital Basket & Flat Wall Shelves

Here we have a combination of the sterile baskets and also the flat shelves with the glass doors. Again, it’s just showing the flexibility that we have with the storage products. 

tilt bins with the color coding.

Also, the hospital sterile storage rack tilt-bins with the color-coding.

Hospital Sterile Storage Rack tambour doors

Some more of our sterile baskets, and in this case, we’ve got the tambour doors. So it’s nice taking out things open while they’re going in and out of it and then close the doors down. And he is showing the color-coding with the ball bearing glides and inside the sterile baskets, I can mention that. That’s all we can set up the whole konban inventory management system.

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