Thanks to recent changes in law and attitudes, CBD Oil has now become a rapidly-growing industry. The need for laboratory furniture for CBD oil labs has grown. 

Laboratory Furniture for CBD Oil Labs

The legalization of cannabis for food, medicine, and fiber (hemp) has generated excellent financial prospects for businesses to capitalize on, globally. Consumer uptake of cannabis-derived products is predicted to increase exponentially, as there is gross awareness around the sustainability and benefits of the crop.

The Need for CBD Oil Laboratories

For marijuana/cannabis to thrive and keep with other agriculture supplies, it is paramount that the quality of the derived products is up to industry standards. Cannabis laboratories have been busier than ever as new marijuana-related products are put through significant development, research, and trials before they hit the market.

Where the Specialized Equipment for CBD Oil Labs Come into Play

Medicinal cannabis necessitates lab testing, requiring the supervision of qualified individuals who understand lab setup as well as laboratory furniture for CBD oil labs to be present for appropriate outcomes.

CBD Oil Labs Safety Equipment:

Handling Hazardous Drugs Fume HoodLabs involving hazardous and noxious residues that are odoriferous, toxic, volatile, or harmful needs to be conducted within a chemical fume hood. These fume hoods function to capture, retain, and discharge hazardous or noxious fumes, vapors, and dust generated within it.

There are two key aspects to consider while selecting fume hoods for CBD oil labs. First, the type of work performed in the hood. Secondly, the air consumption of the hood. The types of fume hoods can be airfoil by-pass, an airfoil that adds air, airfoil variable volume, low flow,  and other specialty fume hoods.

Cleanrooms for CBD Oil CleanroomsCleanrooms for CBD oil labs are spaces precisely designed to keep the levels of contamination below the restrictions considered as a standard. The levels of pressure, temperature, humidity, particles in suspension, and lighting also have to be measured, and exhaustive inspections specifically for CBD Oil labs.

One of the significant challenges for businesses nowadays is that they are continually changing. So, you not only have to pick lab countertops for today’s usage but also future conceivable uses. Countertops are available in a striking array of composites, materials, finishes, and costs. Since each laboratory differs from the next, it is significant to understand the strengths and benefits of each type of content. When specifying countertops for your laboratory workspace, you should consider the following evaluation criteria:

  • Resistance to certain chemicals
  • Resistance to heat or open flame
  • Resistance to moisture, liquid, and absorption
  • Load bearing capabilities
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Liquid containment
  • Maintenance
  • Availability
  • ADA compliance
  • Color options


Casework​ for CBD Oil LabsCasework for CBD oil labs is much more than just a storage unit. The precise casework will help figure out how to organize your work so that you have everything essential at your arm’s length. While deciding which casework you will require, it is necessary to evaluate the available space and the nature of the operations to guarantee a solid purchase. Stainless steel remains a standard choice when it comes to constituents, for its ergonomic characteristics like corrosion and chemical resistance. Different materials include epoxy resin, phenolic, and laminate.

Laboratory Emergency Equipment: EyewashThe CBD oil laboratory requires components that ensure your safety. What is more important is to know how and when to use each piece of emergency equipment.

  • Eyewash Stations
  • Chemical Spill Kits
  • First Aid Kits
  • Safety Showers
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets

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