Casework for Mineral Lab

The Client

Albion Tech

Casework for Mineral Lab

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Layton, UT

Casework for Mineral Lab
casework and laboratory furniture for mineral lab
casework for mineral lab

The Situation

Albion Tech specializes in mineral research, human health, animal nutrition, and oil/gas research that solves today’s challenges to shape a healthier tomorrow. Their headquarters are in New York and have laboratories all over the world, including SLC. With their growing business, they moved into a newer space, and they needed casework for mineral lab. They needed to avoid any downtime in the laboratory.

The Solution: Casework for Mineral Lab

Albion Tech found us through our website and knew we were the most qualified casework for mineral lab specialists because we had done a plethora of casework, fume hoods, and lab furniture. Since they were looking for all new lab furniture and casework Ben Adams at Labs USA was able to provide them with casework for mineral labs, fume hoods, bio-hazard cabinets, sinks, static shelving, cabinetry, and was able to design all drawers, cabinets, shelves, and handles. Labs USA provided them with a solution promptly, now Albion has an oil & gas testing lab they can pride themselves in.

casework for mineral lab
casework for mineral lab

Features about Casework for Mineral Testing

Lab furniture such as steel cabinets, casework, shelves, fume hoods, biohazard cabinets, sinks, static shelving, and drawers; all provide an essential function for every laboratory. Laboratory furniture was designed for all applications including research dealing with mineral testing.

Design Appearance

Our quick delivery laboratory casework is offered in a flat inset style. All cabinet parts of the separate units are manufactured ensuring uniformity, interchangeability and accurate alignment.

Color: Our quick delivery casework is offered in a neutral tone of “Pearl White.”

Field Convertible: Field convertible casework design allows for the conversion of cabinet door and front drawer styles, drawer body suspension and cabinet horizontal and vertical rails with the use of simple hand tools.

LEED Compliance: Environmental compliant casework paints, glues, and adhesives are specially formulated to safeguard indoor air quality

Industry Compliance: SEFA 8 Metal, NFPA 30, UL listed and FM approved

Drawer Slide: Features 100 lbs. fully extended, Standard

Standard Features:

Stainless Steel Casework Wire Pull

Stainless Steel Casework Five Knuckle Hinge

Nylon Roller Door Catch


Our in-stock casework program provides you an extensive selection of lab furnishings that are available in a matter of days. All in-stock stainless steel casework and chemical hoods have a powder-coated “Pearl White” finish that is SEFA 8 compliant.  A wide range of other colors and cabinet styles are available through our casework program. Most in-stock casework ship in 5 business days. All items are subject to availability at the time of the order. Large quantity orders may require longer lead times. Our quick delivery casework offers a flush inset style. All cabinet parts of the separate units are manufactured ensuring uniformity, interchangeability, and accurate alignment.


Countertops are constructed of 1/16″ decorative high-pressure laminate sheet on 44 – 45Ib density particle board core for an overall thickness of 1-1/4″. Counters are self-edged with a backer sheet underneath. Curbs are 3/4″ thick applied [loose] to the countertop with caulk and/or screws. The optional Plywood core is available upon request. Matte Finish is standard for laminate countertops.

  • Comes in many colors
  • Designed to be useful for hospitals, pharmacies, nurse stations, facility libraries, and more
  • HDPE is water-resistant and monolithic marine plastic; which is good for damp to wet applications


Countertops are constructed the same as Laminate but with Laboratory Grade laminate.


Countertops are made from a composite consisting of multiple layers of selected papers impregnated with special phenolic resins. Countertops are manufactured under heat and pressure to form a solid black chemical and corrosion-resistant composite throughout the entire thickness. Top and bottom surfaces are finished. Curbs are formed in the same material and applied with adhesive. Multiple thicknesses and colors are available; the black core is standard. Contact Labs USA for details.

*Note: Not recommended for use with direct contact with heat – use Epoxy Resin instead.


Countertops are monolithic and molded from a modified epoxy resin. Surfaces have a smooth, non-glare finish. Countertops are provided with a continuous drip groove 1/8″ wide x 1/8″ deep on the underside of all exposed edges. Edges are 90 degrees with a 1/8″ bevel. Epoxy is available 3/4″, 1″, or 1-1/4″ thick. Curbs are formed from the same material and applied in the field with adhesive. Epoxy is available in Black with optional colors for an additional charge. Contact Labs USA for details.


Environmentally friendly countertops integrate post-consumer recycled material (less than 10% by weight) into laboratory-grade epoxy resin for uncompromising heat, chemical, scratch & stain resistance. As a low voe material, Greenstone can help “green”  building projects for the environment and contribute to certain LEED credits.

Color options are the same as for Epoxy Resin.


Countertops are formed from 16 gage stainless-steel with Type 304 No. 4 finish.  Steel reinforcement channels are provided on the underside for added strength and rigidity.  Edges are formed at 90 degrees, or with an optional marine edge, for an overall thickness of 3/4″, 1″, or 1-1/4″ as required. Backsplash curbs are formed integrally with the countertop. Sink bowls are welded to the underside of the counters and ground smooth to eliminate seams. Counters are pitched toward the bowl for proper drainage. Sound deadening material is applied to the underside of countertops and sink bowls. 

*Type 316 material is available upon request.

Casework Benefits

We offer many worksurface options, from INSTOCK® products to custom fabricated work surfaces. Our INSTOCK® work surfaces include epoxy resin and phenolic resin tops. These materials can also be special ordered to meet specific size and space requirements. Other materials are available for custom fabrication, including chemically resistant plastic laminate, hardwood, and stainless steel.

Work surfaces can be ordered in different depths, with individual edge details, with extra high backsplashes, or a variety of cutouts. Airstream biological safety cabinet fume hoods are in stock ready to ship. Labs USA’s fume hoods feature a compact design and low energy operation. The silver ions in the coating can kill bacterium contaminants. It eliminates fumes from front, back, and sides to create an ISO Class 3 work zone and to prevent cross-contamination. It’s fitted with a ULPA air filter optimized to give large performance envelope that provides operator and product protection at inflow and downflow variation.

casework for mineral lab
casework for mineral lab

Return on Investment

There are many money saving features about our casework for mineral lab. One important feature is our in-stock program. We have a warehouse stocked full of lab furniture totaling over $4 million. By hiring a laboratory furniture contractors in Utah your facility can avoid downtime and make upgrades or replacements much simpler.


Labs USA Is Your Complete Source For Lab Furniture Systems. Our Experienced Team Of Furniture Specialists and Project Designers Can Help With Design & Layouts, CAD Drawings, Specifications, and Estimates.

Quick Delivery

In Stock, Ready To Ship! Metal Casework, Stainless Steel Casework, Work Surfaces, Fixtures, Tables, Shelving, Fume Hoods, and More.

Local Install

Our Project Managers and Factory Trained Installers Are Ready To Lead You Through The Completion Of Your Fast Track Lab Build or Remodel.

Balchem needed qualified lab specialists to design a plethora of casework, fume hoods, and lab furniture for their research in human health, animal nutrition, and oil/gas.

Sensapure Flavors lab furniture such as casework, fume hoods, workstations and more; all provide an important function for every flavor lab.

Dyad Labs is the leading material testing laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. They moved into a new space and needed new lab casework and furniture.




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