Exhaust Snorkel for Nutrition Lab

The Client

Manus Biosynthesis, Massachusetts

The Situation

Manus Bio nutritional lab, founded in 2011, with the mission of developing an economical and sustainable biomanufacturing platform, particularly for accessing rare and complex natural ingredients. Manus Bio recreates plant processes in microorganisms to produce natural ingredients through fermentation. Their microbial platform has been optimized to convert inexpensive carbon and plant-derived substrates into rare and expensive elements with applications as flavors, fragrances, food ingredients, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals. Chemical manufacturing is undergoing a period of transition from an era focused on petrochemical-derived chemical synthesis and plant extraction to one which leverages the power of biotechnology and biomanufacturing. Ultimately, their technology provides a low-cost, sustainable, and environmentally friendly source for many nutritional purposes. Since they pride themselves in quality at a fast pace, they also needed a company to provide them with an exhaust snorkel for nutritional lab at a rapid pace with quality work.

The Solution

Justin at Labs USA acted fast once Manus Bio called us for an exhaust snorkel for nutritional lab. Justin knew that we have snorkels in stock and was able to find a solution promptly. We were able to supply them with a chemical resistant aluminum white powder coated exhaust snorkel, white wall mount bracket, and a chemical arm. 

Features of Exhaust Snorkels for Nutrition Lab

The CHEM model for nutritional labs has profiles made of double anodized aluminum. The arm is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. The arm shown here is fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.

The ESD/EX model is designed for use in electronic environments where there is a risk of electrostatic discharges. Following risk assessment, the ESD/EX can also be used for certain applications in explosive environments. The arm is made of conductive materials, eliminating the risk of static electricity and sparks. The hood is made of anodized metal.

The ORIGINAL model is a robust and reliable all-around arm for nutritional labs and general applications where there is little risk of electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals. The arm is shown fitted with a multi-purpose transparent hood.


The two outermost articulating joints in the arm can rotate and swivel through 360°. This provides unique directional flexibility and makes it possible to position the hood precisely where needed. Once positioned, the hood can be locked in place using two friction devices in the articulating arm joints.

  • Exhaust Arms are 2″, 3″, or 4″ in diameter, consisting of thin walled anodized aluminum sections specific to the model
  • Noted models are corrosion resistant
  • Exhaust articulating arm connection point swivels with 360-degree rotation
  • The adjustment knobs on the articulated friction arm joints are supported by ball-bearings
  • Mini bell mouthed exhaust hood is complete with the arm
  • All articulating arms are provided with dampers
  • The snorkel exhaust arm is furnished complete with wall/ceiling mount bracket and a trimmable 43” (109.2 cm) extension

Snorkel exhaust articulating arm for ceilings and walls offer a perfect solution for numerous types of workplaces. Articulating arms are especially suitable for applications where small, flexible and easy-to-use articulating arms are required to eliminate particles, smoke, gases, and dust.

Exhaust Snorkel for Nutrition Lab


For quick installation there is a range of self-assembly kits, complete with fans and filters. The multi-purpose mounting bracket allows complete freedom when planning installation points for the exhaust articulating arm. They can be mounted on ceilings, walls and floors or fixed to tabletops. Exhaust snorkels are designed and manufactured for nutritional laboratories to be more productive and safer. Whether it’s a the Original Model, ESD/EX Model or Chem Model; our snorkels are designed to fit your facilities specific needs.

Return on Investment

There are many money saving features about our lab furniture. One important feature is our in-stock program. We have a warehouse stocked full of lab furniture totaling over $4 million. By hiring laboratory furniture contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah your nutritional lab can avoid downtime and make upgrades or replacements much simpler.

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