Utah State Contract for Lab Shelving and Storage

We’ve been awarded the Utah State Contract for Lab Shelving and Storage for having the best price and value. 


Labs USA Staff- The Utah state contact for lab shelving

Utah State Contract lab shelving mobile shelvingHow Mobile Shelving Compacts Shelving

The Utah state contact for lab shelving includes mobile shelving. Typical shelving has aisles between each unit taking up precious space. To guide the mobile unites, track is installed underneath the shelving. Steel Carriages with wheels are mounted underneath the shelving. Crank handles drive the wheels and can be finished with decorative end panels. The System is then mounted with guides wheels on the tracks. This allows the shelving to be closely packed, eliminating wasted aisle space.

Wire Lab ShelvingThe Utah state contact for lab shelving includes our wire lab shelving is stainless steel and perfect for lab & healthcare environments—the open-wire design offer minimum dirt accumulation. The wire lab shelving features many configurations so you can modify it to fit your lab or facility’s needs.

There are many different types of shelving we offer, steel, plastic antimicrobial, epoxy, and more. Lab USA makes a safe and efficient wire lab shelving options with optional divers or covers.

Bench & Wall Lab ShelvingThe Utah state contact for lab shelving includes the bench and wall shelving for laboratories. Shelves come in wood, metal, painted steel, stainless steel, epoxy, phenolic resin, and more. Our well-trained lab shelving specialists will deliver full designs, specifications, project estimates, CAD drawings, rivet files, architectural drawings, and factory-trained installers.

Complete Lab Furniture Systems, Casework, Work Surfaces, Sinks, Adjustable Tables, Fixtures,  Cleanrooms, and Shelving.

Fume Hoods such as Benchtop, Exhaust Snorkels, Walk-in, Ductless, Laminar Flow for Dust, Chemicals, and Hazardous Fumes.

Healthcare and Medical Equipment Such As Medical Lab Carts, Mobile Shelves, Inventory, Lockers, Storage Racks and More.


Labs USA Is Your Complete Source For Lab Furniture Systems. Our Experienced Team Of Furniture Specialists and Project Designers Can Help With Design & Layouts, CAD Drawings, Specifications, and Estimates. 

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