Vendors, Manufacturers, and Suppliers for Labs USA

Lab Fume Hoods, Casework, Flexible Furniture, Work Surfaces, Sinks, and Accessories.

Commercial & Filing Shelves, Library Shelving, 4-Post Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Museum Cabinets, And Rotary Storage Cabinets

Chairs, Stools, Tables & Carts for Labs, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, BioPharm, Research, Clean Rooms, Education, and Offices.

IN-STOCK Quickship Lab Furniture. Steel or Painted Steel Cabinets & Casework. Modular designs with customizable door and drawer configurations.

Pure Lab Water for research &
analysis applications for a vast number of diverse scientific and medical applications.

ART Equipment, Biological Safety Cabinets, CO2 Incubators, Compounding Pharmacy Equipment, Containment / Pharma Products, Ductless Fume Hoods, Lab Animal Research, Lab Fume Hoods, Lab Incubators, Lab Ovens, Laminar Flow Cabinets, PCR Thermal Cyclers, Powder Weighing Balance Enclosures.

Standard Enclosures, HEPA Filtered, Chemical Fume Hood, Compounding Hoods, Benchtop, Chemical Workstations, Lab Automation, Glovebox Workstation, and Exhaust Ventilation Hoods.

Painted Steel Casework, Stainless Steel Casework, Tier One Premier Wood, Envision Work Benches, Isolator Fume Hoods, Patriot Table System, FlexCore, FlexiLab, CampbellRhea Educational Wood, and Specialty Products.

Laboratory Furniture, Casework, and Equipment. Worksurfaces, Shelves, Hardware, Fixtures, Stainless Steel Tops, Wood Tops, Base Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Sinks, Balance Tables, and More.

IN-STOCK Quickship Laboratory Furniture
Painted Steel, Stainless Steel Cabinets, Wood Lab Cabinets, Chemical Fume Hoods, Flexible Lab Furniture, Healthcare Furnishings, and Work Surfaces.

Superior Lab Cabinets & Equipment. Casework, Steel & Stainless-Steel Casework, Lab-Grade Plastic Laminate, Adjustable Tables, Shelving, Countertops, Sinks, Faucets, Turrets, Fume Hoods, Counter Tops, Fire Safety Cabinets, Acid Storage Units and More.

Ventilated Enclosures & Exhausters, Freeze Dryers, Forensic Enclosures, Dry Evaporators, Concentrators & Cold Traps, Glove Boxes and Gas Purifiers, Kjeldahl, Fat & Crude Fiber Apparatus, Glassware Washers, Water Purification Systems, Base Stands, Cabinets & Work Surfaces, Laboratory Carts, Tables & Benches, and More

In-Stock Lab Water Purification Equipment.
Water Purification Systems, Water Purification Stills, Orbital Shakers, Parts, Storage Reservoirs, Ovens, and Replacement Cartridges.

Wire Shelving, Stainless-Steel Shelving, Lab Carts, Mobile Shelves, High-Density Storage, Modular Workstations, Modular Lab Furniture, Mobile Workcenters, Mobile Desk, Utility Carts, Lab Worktables, Racks, and More Storage Products.

Wood Lab Casework and Furniture For Healthcare, Medical, College Laboratories, Workrooms, Education, Mail, Parcels & Copy Rooms, Locker Solutions, and Laboratories.

Specialists of Extraction Arms, Fans, And Filters for All Laboratory Environments. High-Quality Exhaust Snorkels, Acid-Resistant, Stainless Steel for Stringent Sanitary Requirements.

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Quick Ship Research Equipment & Forensic Equipment.
Carbon Filtered Workstations, Laminar Flow Workstation. Filtered Workstation Carts, Sinks, and Pass-Through Ports. Latent Print Processing, Evidence Dying, UV Light, Waste Pump, Crying Cabinet, Ductless Fume Hoods, and More.

Exhaust Snorkels- Portable & Compact Fume Eliminator. Stationary Filters, Extraction Units, Extraction Arms, Balancer, Vehicle Exhaust EMS, Fans & Pumps, Ducts, and Pipes, Hose & Cable Reels.

Lab Balances, Lab Instruments, Lab Meters, Incubating, Heaters, Hotplates, Homogenizers, Moisture Analyzers, Calibration Weights, Scales, and More.

Cleanrooms, Isolation Rooms, Fire Rated, Prefabricated Offices, Security Booths, Prefabricated Shelters, Mezzanines, Metal Stair Systems, Barrier & Safety Rail, and In-Stock Options.

Balances, Centrifuges, Dewar Flasks, Digital Dry-Baths, Dry Ice Makers, Gel Documentation, Homogenizers, Hotplates / Stirrers, Liquid Handling Products, Microplate Mixers, Overhead Stirrers, Rockers, Rotary Evaporators, Shakers, Spectrophotometers, Thermal Cyclers, Thermal Mixers, Tube Rotators/Mixers, Vacuum Aspirators, Vacuum Pumps, and Vortex Mixers.

Anaerobic Chambers, Incubators, Baths, Stainless Steel Shelving, Lab Armor, Forced Air Ovens, Gravity Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Purge Ovens, Decarboxylation Ovens, Vacuum Pumps, and Custom Products

Lab Benches, Wall Shelving, Rack Systems, Lab Carts, Pre-Configured Work Stations, Adjustable Steel Shelves, Lighting, Cabinets, Drawers, Computer Tray, and Accessories.


VAV systems for Professional Laboratories. TEL to convert any energy-wasting Constant Air Volume (CAV) system to an energy-efficient VAV system. Airflow Monitors, Laboratory Room Space Controller, Volumetric Controls, Airflow controls, Auto Sash Controllers, LEV Monitors, Kitchen Hood Controls.

Laboratory Service Fixtures, Laboratory Safety Equipment, and Vandal-Resistant Equipment. Water Valves, Single Facets, Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Fume Hood Fittings, Electrical Fittings, Emergency Showers, Eyewashes, Safety Stations, and more.