Hospital Modular Storage Management

Components and Accessories

For Hospital Modular Management

Hospital Modular Storage Management provides comprehensive and integrated medical storage products and solutions. The core of the systems is the ISO 60-40 modular system of trays and baskets. The system allows your hospital as well as nursing home to store, handle and move all medications and medical devices from the central pharmacy as well as storage room to the ward and finally to the patient’s bedside

  • Hospital Modular Storage Management provides a more convenient to move drugs/medications from the central pharmacy/storage to ward pharmacies and then to patients’ rooms

  • Better use of available space and a huge increase in capacity in storage management

  • Improved accessibility to drugs/medications and visibility of content into the modules: more straightforward and quicker access to medications for nursing staff

  • Better organization of the stock available in the ward pharmacy improved labeling systems

  • Possibility of adding your own IT solutions such as bar code readers for a medication modular storage management system

  • Reduces medication/drug delivery mistakes

    Gives nursing staff/caregivers more time for patients and reduces complexity for administration of drugs/medications to the ward


Modular Storage Specifications and Benefits


The safety-stop function prevents the basket from accidentally falling out when pulled


Basket holds up to 40 k g


Smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces


Modules and dividers are injection molded from ABS or polycarbonate plastic and therefore easy and safe to clean


Fixed on the top edge or on the front of the modular baskets and on the dividers

Used for all modules


Optimum storage utilization for articles of different sizes

Stacking rim enables the modules to be stacked to save space when not in use


For fixing the dividers to the modular basket

Prevents the dividers from popping out under a heavy load


ISO standard
Size 60x40cm
Size 30x40cm
As well as being dividable

Unique dividable trays and baskets, enabling quick implementation of stock management systems based on barcodes RFID or Kanban process

Green infection control ISO modules are for all hospital environments where patients with immune deficiencies are at enhanced risk for contracting nosocomial infections. 

Side panels on cabinets will now accommodate ISO trays and baskets to fit your available space. Modules tilt when pulled out, so they are easier to access and use.

Medical cabinets with different ISO dimensions to fit your hospital space. Depth changes according to door type as well as cassettes are according to ISO standard.

Yellow washable ISO MODULES withstand cleaning in automatic Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) autoclaves with cycles of maximum 3 minutes at continuous temperature of 95°C.

Polycarbonate trays and baskets are designed for standard storage. Trays are modules without aeration holes, however, baskets are with aeration holes.

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