The Importance of Phenolic Resins for Laboratory Work Surfaces


Phenolic ResinsPhenolic resins laboratory furniture and lab work surfaces are durable, non-reactive surfaces and cost less than epoxy resin.

Importance of Phenolic Resins

Many industries prefer to use laboratory furniture made with phenolic resins, such as electronics, ballistics, aerospace, chemical, medical, pharmacology, mines, oil, and others. Laboratory furniture made with phenolic resin work surfaces provides many benefits, including durability and non-reactive surfaces.

Laboratory furniture and work surfaces manufactured with phenolic resins are suitable for chemical, biological, analytical, and clinical testing labs. Any labs that are performing tests and experiments where results depend on the non-contaminated environment and require lab work surfaces to be exclusively chemical resistant, hygienic, and impervious are often found to be using these ideal surfaces.

Phenolic Resins

How is Phenolic Resins Made?

The combination of formaldehyde and phenol creates a compound made of large networks of permanently bonded molecules. When created using water and a base, along with surplus formaldehyde, generates a polymer known as resole. Resole is often used in layers of plywood processed with heat and high pressure, thus creating a powerful bond

The properties and characteristics of phenolic resin furniture and surfaces include low density, good thermal insulation, and excellent durability. This material is also easy to mold into a variety of shapes, including complex contours, making them perfectly suited to custom environments and equipment. It is easy to customize and is much less expensive compared to epoxy. Custom projects can be completed quickly because it is so readily available and easy to build.

Phenolic Resins are Resistant to Chemicals and High Temperatures

Lab furniture with phenolic resin has excellent resistance to chemicals, high temperature, and other harsh conditions, making them perfect for volatile environments. They are flame resistant and non-conductive, making them an excellent choice for labs that require compliance with fire safety, combustion, as well as toxicity standards.

Phenolic resin laboratory work surfaces and furniture can endure continuous heat exposure up to 350°F; however, this material is not flame retardant. It will eventually catch fire at high heat. For a reasonably priced all around useful lab surface, the phenolic resin may be an excellent choice.

Selecting the Right Laboratory Work Surface

Selecting the correct type of lab furniture material for every lab setting is crucial. Worktops in laboratories are particularly vulnerable to chemical stains, hazardous materials, and so ease of cleaning and decontamination is essential. Lab furniture and work surfaces need to be easy to clean and maintain, hygienic, chemical resistant, durable, and flexible in use and purpose.

Typical applications for phenolic resin laboratory furniture are electronics, ballistics, mine ventilation, aerospace, offshore pipes, rail and mass transit systems. It’s suitable for labs of all kinds that require durable non-reactive table and countertops.

Phenolic Resin Meets Lab Requirements

The most common material that meets these requirements is phenolic resin based lab furniture. It resists a high and low temperature, won’t warp or stain. It is moisture-proof, scratch resistant, and maintains an aesthetic appearance for a long time. It is also an excellent choice in environments where lab experiments need a contamination-free environment. Phenolic resin work surfaces and furniture provide full compliance with the requirements of most laboratories while also providing a range of added benefits, including wear, water, and chemical resistance.

The amounts of chemicals and hazardous materials used in laboratories are extensive. Which means that laboratory worktops and furniture are vulnerable unless made from materials that can resist scuffs, withstand spills, and abrasions and hold up against stress and impact cracking. Countertops and work surfaces made from phenolic resins are well-known to perform for many years, keeping labs running efficiently, and looking clean.

Phenolic Resins
Phenolic Resins

Phenolic Resin is a Great Choice and Cost Less Than Epoxy Resin

When efficient, uninterrupted laboratory operations are critical to business and productive operations, and when everything in the laboratory needs careful consideration toward each specific environment, the phenolic resin may be the answer. Also, the lower cost, as well as the aesthetics, are a bonus feature. Functionality, appearance, and price are all features to consider.

Phenolic Resins
Phenolic Resins

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