Medical Modular Carts

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The Medical Modular Carts Advantage

Medical Modular Carts provides a unique, diversified storage cart product line. A combination of different enclosures, depths, heights, and locking systems enables us to provide the optimum solution for any ward in your hospital or daycare clinic.

Four solutions available: Tambour Door – Glass Door – Solid Door – Open Cart

Medical Modular Baskets are stored horizontally and can be tilted while pulled out.


Fully ISO (60X40cm) compatible

All surfaces composed of polymers therefore resistant to moisture

ABS top cover, PP bottom floor, PVC exterior walls

The entire inside compartment of the cart is easy to clean

Self-drainage floor for quick and easy cleaning

Extended caster pattern for increased stability

ABS side panels equipped with small wheels for smoother and more natural movement of heavily loaded trays

Designated perforated rails accommodate the use of telescopic slides for support of heavy items.

These can be used in combination with the side panels or separately

5” (125mm) medical-grade casters, non-marking rubber casters.

2x swiveling + 2x swiveling with brakes

Full 360° wrap-around bumper

Improved dense tray capacity due to the use of high capacity interior side tilted panels. Standard 183cm (72”) cart accommodates up to 18 units of 5cm (2”) deep trays / 11 pcs of 10cm (4”) deep trays / 7 pcs of 20cm (8”) deep trays

You can see all of the color coding and how neat and organized everything is. We have clips which go on to the dividers, so if you’re only dividing the basket in half, we’ve got clips so the dividers don’t pop out. You can also break the dividers and snap them and put an end on it to create custom compartments for each one of your items.

Medical Modular Carts color-coded baskets
Medical Modular Carts color-coded baskets

Medical Modular Carts Solution

Tambour Door Carts are extremely useful in small rooms and corridors where there is not enough space for opening standard doors. New counter-balanced system for a smooth operation of roller shutter as well as a simple, tool-free removal of the roller shutter for cleaning purposes.

Glass Door Carts come with glass or solid doors. Glass Doors are not only easy to operate, but they also provide a clear view of stored products. Top to bottom handle for easier opening as well as doesn’t extend behind the footprint of the cart or protrude beyond. All carts are offered in different heights.

Solid Doors show in spaces populated with non-medical staff, limit patients’ and visitors’ exposure to the stored medical products — removable, washable ABS working surface with three-sided gallery top and anti-spill lip on the front. Color-coded labeling handle improves visibility and increases staff productivity.

Open Carts without doors typically are used in isolated rooms like O.R., sterile core with low dust levels and locked rooms with limited access to medical staff members only. All carts have options to be fitted in advance with telescopic slides or ABS side tilt panels or a combination of both.

Open Modular Cart

Here they have a combination of the cabinets & medical modular carts, which make them all mobile and also we’ve got the feet. So you can have a combination or one or the other.

Note how we have the medical modular cart and the baskets, they can be taken right out of the mobile carts and put right into the stationery cabinets. So it makes everything very easy and flexible. Keeping everything very neat and organized is the key to maintaining your inventory and making your whole operation more efficient.

Medical Modular Carts Sizes

E Type

E type carts are available as single, double or triple, with various height options. The depth is fixed at 59cm (23”)

U Type

U type carts are available as single, double or triple, with 4 height options. The depth is fixed at 79cm (31”)

Maintenance Modular Carts

Maintenance Modular Carts

Above is a warehouse with modular maintenance medical modular carts, which is a train engine maintenance facility, so you can see they have a tremendous amount of storage in here. They’ve got the electric vertical lift. These are all with the solid ABS baskets. And again, these are injected molded baskets. And you notice that we’ve got the ball bearing glides. The ball bearing glides with the baskets. The weight can go up to 50 pounds. And if we use our regular basket rails, the weight can go up to 22 pounds.


  • Maximum space utilization (area and height)
  • Quick orientation, reduce pick time.


  • Two-story system
  • Wide passages
  • Modularity of baskets and trays
  • Use of telescopic rails
  • Use of color coding on 2nd phase
Maintenance Modular Carts

Maintenance Modular CartsAlstom – Train Engine Maintenance Facility

So this is inside the train engine maintenance facility. Again, another picture of it during the installation of it. And also in heavy machinery, again, they have a tremendous amount of storage here, and with this, they didn’t choose it on here. But if they wanted to use the medical modular carts, we could put the color-coding handles in front of all of the baskets. 

Notice the flexibility of being able to roll the section out in order to bring pallets into restock. We can accommodate a large these large items on the flat shelves and the smaller individual items with the baskets in compartments, and the tilt bins.

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