Lab Furniture for Flavor Laboratory in Utah

The Client

Past Project

Sensapure Flavors
1945 S. Fremont Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Lab Furniture for Flavor Laboratory in Utah

The Situation

Sensapure is the leading flavors laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. With their growing business, they moved into a newer space and they needed new lab furniture. Although, Sensapure was moving fast, they needed lab furniture within weeks.

The Solution

Ann Marie at Lab USA provided in stock options that were ready to ship. Labs USA was hired to be their laboratory furniture contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ann Marie was able to help design and supply all their lab furniture needs within the short amount of time they had left. Labs USA also has access to many styles and color options that matched their facility beautifully. Now they have a flavor laboratory they are proud to show to their customers.


Lab furniture such as casework, fume hoods, workstations and more; all provide an important function for every laboratory. Laboratory furniture was design for laboratories and their applications.  


It is important to find the right furniture for labs to get the most productivity and safety. Our lab furniture comes in various different options to meet specific needs for every customer.


Lab Furniture is designed and manufactured for laboratories to be more productive and safer. Whether it’s a cabinet, fume hood, or chairs; our lab furniture is deigned to fit your facilities specific needs.

Return on Investment

There many money saving features about our lab furniture. One important feature is our in stock program. We have a warehouse stocked full of lab furniture totaling over $4 million. Which your facility can avoid downtime and make upgrades or replacements much simpler.

Call For Pricing & More Details

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