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Mobile Shelving for labs

How does Mobile Shelving work?

Typical shelving has aisles between each unit, taking up precious space. The mobile shelving is then mounted with guide wheels on the tracks. This allows the modular shelving to be closely packed, eliminating wasted aisle space.

An mobile storage system can laboratory equipment, files, instruments. High density storage shelving systems can reduce your filing or storage area over traditional four-drawer file cabinets and stationary shelving.

Today’s storage solutions demand better use of space, increased flexibility, and adaptability for future growth. With our extensive range of mobile, stationary shelving systems and cabinets, you can optimize and customize storage of lab equipment and supplies, no matter how big or small. At the same time, you can be confident they are stored securely.

mobile shelving increase floor space

Mobile Shelving to the Rescue!

modular shelvingOften we hear that people are looking to find new ways to use their existing real estate footprint and they also want to increase the security of their storage. Mobile storage system can achieve both goals!

As much as 50% of existing floor space can be recovered by turning standard storage into mobile shelving storage. By removing the individual aisle ways you recover valuable real estate.

In addition, each modular shelving unit can be programmed to lock as individual units so the individual storage shelving unit can be used for a variety of items such as garments, boxes, files, supplies, binders and the list goes one. Each unit could have its own security code and still share the same smaller footprint.

Simply put, it’s a way to store more in less space with mobile shelving. We’re all familiar with traditional static shelves—but the challenge with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space. The amount of stuff being housed in your work space or storage area keeps growing, while the square footage stays exactly the same. To learn how modular shelving could work for you, …for the basics of maximizing your storage space.

modular storage solutionMobile Shelving Stores EVERY Imaginable Item

Laboratories like yours demand better use of labs space, reconfigurable, and ready for future growth. Modular shelving can handle books, binders, boxes, lab equipment, retail goods and more in 50% of the space.

Mobile lab shelving offers high density shelving and storage, while maximizing floor space.

Adjustable mobile shelving eliminate the need for aisles, saving up to 50% or more floor space than conventional mobile shelving.

modular shelving
Hospital Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving Features

Unique Rail Guidance System

Aurora’s exclusive modular shelving guidance system provides straight tracking carriage movement with no play between rail and wheel.

  • Patented Concave Wheel/Convex Rail Design.
  • Even heavily loaded carriages move smoothly and securely.

Exclusive Rail Design

A barrier free rail makes the mobile storage system accessible and eliminates tripping hazards. Mail or supply carts are no problem as they roll easily over the rail.

Perfectly Aligned Rail

Dual pins ensure perfect alignment where rail is joined together, eliminating movement in any direction.

Mobile Shelving Wheel and Track

Modular shelving stores every imaginable item in space efficient moving carriages.

Mobile shelving carriages glide apart to create an access aisle, then glide to a closed position, storing more in less space.

  • Files and Documents
  • Binders
  • Office Supplies
  • Library Books, Periodicals, DVDs
  • Athletic Equipment and Uniforms
  • Garments
  • Weapons and Gear Bags
  • Small Parts and Inventory
  • Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Fulfillment Bags
  • Paintings, Sculptures and Artifacts
  • Retail Stock

Mobile Shelving Applications

  • Laboratories
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacy
  • K-12 and Higher Education
  • Library
  • Retail
  • Athletic
  • Museums
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance
  • Corporate

Mechanical Assist Models

  • Premium Aisle Safety Lock prevents carriage movement when locked.
  • Optional Mechanical Safety Sweep* stops carriage movement by a quick tap of the foot.
    *Available on 1000 Series Only.
Mobile Shelving Aisle Safety Lock
Mobile Shelving Safety Sweep

Powered Mobile Shelving

Passive Aisle Block

This mobile storage system safety feature protects people and objects in an aisle. Passive Aisle Block requires the user to return to the open aisle keypad before opening a new aisle, ensuring the safety of other users.

Waist High, Carriage, or Aisle Entry Safety

Infrared safety options that stop modular shelving carriage movement when beam is broken.

Master Control Panel

Programmable Master Control Panel is feature laden.

  • No computer interface required
  • PIN Code Access for multiple users
  • Selective Security with Aisle Lockout
  • Fire and Night Park
  • Program carriage speed and stopping distance
  • On screen help menu
  • Convert mobile carriages into fixed

Mobile Shelving for Laboratories

“We all love the concept of no limits; free refills and all you can eat buffets. Sadly, there are some boundaries that can’t be avoided, like the physical dimensions of your building or retail space. What if you need to keep more inventory on hand because your products are in demand? What if your high-priced working space is being consumed by storage overflow? Or your product lines expand? Or your staff increases and they need a working space and storage space? You hit the limit… or maybe not.

What if there was a way to condense all that stuff and recover square footage for other uses, you can do just that. With mobile storage system designed to fit the exact needs of your facility. These ingenious systems replace empty aisle space with usable storage space. You can double your storage capacity within your existing footprint or you can reduce your storage floor space by as much as 50%. Customizable mobile shelving accommodates your bulky boxes, your tiny artifacts, or anything in-between. No matter what your industry or organization, high-density Mobile lab shelving give you more space for generating revenue. Get in touch with us to find out how to maximize your storage space.”

Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

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