Exhaust Snorkel for Chemical Lab

The Client

exhaust snorkel for electrical lab

Delta Electric

3900 Newpark Mall Road

Newark, California 94560

exhaust snorkel for chemical lab

The Situation

Delta Electric Company provides contract work for labs and electrical services in the Bay Area. They are known for their number one goal, which is no job is too small. Delta had a chemical lab company reach out to them in search for a chemical resistant exhaust snorkel, and needed help fast.

The Solution

Justin at Labs USA acted fast once Delta Electric called us for a chemical resistant exhaust snorkel. He knew that we have snorkels in stock and was able to find a solution promptly. We were able to supply them with a chemical resistant aluminum white powder coated exhaust snorkel, white wall mount bracket, and a chemical arm.  


The CHEM model has profiles made of double anodized aluminum. The arm is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. The arm shown here is fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.


Chemical resistant exhaust snorkels eliminate the risk of static electricity, sparks, aggressive chemicals, and corrosion resistance. All snorkels come with options to mount to the wall or ceiling.


Exhaust snorkels are designed and manufactured for laboratories to be more productive and safer. Whether it’s a the Original Model, ESD/EX Model or Chem Model; our snorkels are designed to fit your facilities specific needs.

Return on Investment

There are many money saving features about our lab furniture. One important feature is our in-stock program. We have a warehouse stocked full of lab furniture totaling over $4 million. By hiring a laboratory furniture contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah your facility can avoid downtime and make upgrades or replacements much simpler.

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