Lab water purifier for distilled water systems and filters to obtain lab results that are consistent, and repeatable.


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Lab Water Purifier for Distilled Water

Rapids Type 1 Water PurifierLabStong’s water purification system provides purified lab water. They keep the filters in-stock and ship as soon as the same day. What is unique about these are the touch screens. It displays QR codes for maintenance and errors that link to their website. It is easy to install and change the filters. They keep a library of how-to videos on YouTube.

When something works the way it’s supposed to, you don’t have to think about it. That’s LabStrong’s New Rapid Lab Water Purification System.

In a nutshell, expect performance, the same high-quality distilled water now in a more lab water purifier system, with brand new features to trim down on time and cut back on costs. The built-in interface tells you exactly what you need to know.

Scan the QR code on the distilled water purifier screen states what is needed, and fix the problem in no time. Or when the purification system needs maintenance. Select an option, follow the guides and get back to work in minutes. It isn’t fancy. It’s simplicity and through simplicity comes performance. That’s strength through the innovation of our lab water purifier for distilled water.

That’s LabStrong!

Filling Beaker with distilled water from water purifier

LabStrong Rapids Type I DI Lab Water Purifier for Distilled Water

Trim down on time and cut back on costs for distilled water with the LabStrong™ Rapids™ Type I Analytical Lab Water Purifier (analytical grade)

It’s the new standard in lab water purifier for distilled water. Our new type 1 lab water purifier gives you the results you want in the price range you need. We are introducing the LabStrong Rapids purification system.

Up to two liters of ASTM, Type 1 water per minute for distilled water up to 18.2 M-Omega CM. With our built-in touchscreen, you have total control with the press of a button. Doing water purifier maintenance yourself has never been easier with our Step-By-Step onscreen instructions.

The distilled water purifier onscreen QR codes give you help in a snap. Costs stay low, and the results stay high. It is low maintenance, high performance, the definition of cost-effective.

“Pure value, pure water, pure results.” It’s a distilled water system you’ve been needing. It’s the LabStrong rapids. LabStrong Lab Water Purifier, strength through innovation.

“Same Day Shipping for In-Stock Orders”

LabStrong Fi-Streem Distilled Water

Every lab is judged by its consistent, repeatable results.  To obtain those results, we all must start with consistently distilled water.

To obtain consistent, repeatable results we must start with consistently distilled water. The Fi-Streem stills install easily with basic tools and ships with the wall installation bracket.

Lab Water Purifier has multiple sizes available at different voltages to fit your distilled water needs. Fi-Streem is also uniquely plumed to accept pre-treated water, which greatly reduces water consumption. The Lab Strong Cascade pre-treatment system is designed to optimize the performance by eliminating scale buildup within the boiling chamber, creating nearly maintenance-free operation.

LabStrong offers a line of lab water purifier desolate storage tanks from 8 to 50 liters. The 40-liter tank is designed for the Fi-Streem 3 and integrates with it and included auto-filling performance, which provides a ready supply of distilled water.

You may go home, but the LabStrong Fi-Streem 3 lab water purifier is still working. It’s fully automated operation will turn on when it senses a drop in distilled water supply and turn back off when it’s full. Our boilers are 97%  efficient heating phase change. Since distillation requires two-phase changes, there are two unique barriers to all impurities. That is why distillation is still an exceptional, reliable, and consistent producer of pure water.

See distilled water definition

Cascade Dual Lab Water Purification- Type II Water

Versatility meets performance in the LabStrong Cascade. Type two water has never been so simple, accessible, and cost-effective.

Easy to install and easy to use. No electricity needed. Interchangeable cartridges keep maintenance easy.

When the resident changes color you’ll know the cartridges need replacing. Tap water goes in and type two water comes out. Cascade small footprints say space comes with an easy to read pressure gauge. Upgrade to the quad system for even greater Type two water capacity. It’s a perfect type two system for your laboratory needs. When you need pure water, choose pure performance, the LabStrong Cascade; strength through innovation.




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