Balance Enclosure Filtered Ductless Fume Hoods

Balance Enclosure Fume Hood

Balance Enclosure Features and Benefits

Balance Enclosures fume hood provide user protection by keeping powders and particulates contained during procedures involving powders. The built-in blower exhaust HEPA filter is mounted on the top plenum conserves space. At the same time, isolation minimizes blower vibration, and these balance fume hoods have the added benefits of low installation costs because HEPA filtered air and no HVAC ventilation outside ducting is required. Interior dimensions accommodate large analytical and microbalances. Containment-enhancing features ensure that potent powders frequently found in pharmaceutical, dry chemical, and industrial hygiene applications are away from the operator.

Balance fume hoods are available in 2 ft, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ widths.

A Balance Enclosure is Needed When the Nature of the Hazard is Unknown

Balance Enclosure Fume HoodAs research advances, laboratories shoulder the constant challenge and responsibility of protecting workers who use and measure toxic agents. To minimize exposure, workers handling and weighing toxic or pharmaceutically potent compounds must rely on industrial hygienists, and environmental health and safety offer guidance on safety. Ductless fume hoods can make your laboratory safe without costly HVAC work. 



Balance Fume Hoods HEPA Filter

When the particulate is known to be sensitized or toxic at low levels of exposure or can cause developmental or reproductive harm. Where the powder creates a lot of dust. Laboratory air is drawn to the back of the ductless fume hoods through the sash opening, and then it’s pulled to the back of the unit. The air is then pulled through a HEPA filter, collecting all the harmful particulates before exiting the balance powder fume hood.

Balance Enclosure Fume Hood Video

Balance Powder Fume Hood Operation

Balance Fume Hood OperationIt is important to understand the operation of these powder fume hood for them to protect you. Many of the risks of exposure are unseen, while gallium gloving seems obvious. The danger may go unrecognized, weighing, and other applications that require the transfer of potent or toxic powders can cause exposure just by the sheer motion of opening the container. Powders are inherently affected by static charges, which can build on an insulating surface, including way boats, spatulas balances, and even on source container. This charge can cause the powders to jump, which can cause not only errors in weighing but present a significant cross-contamination risk.  Once installation and certification have been completed, the balance powder fume hood is ready for use.

Best Techniques are Optimal Airflow Ductless Fume Hoods

Use proper techniques; even the best balance enclosure can’t guarantee your safety if misused. Do not block airflow; this will cause the air to speed up through the available openings, causing turbulence and possible loss of containment. Work at least six inches inside the ductless fume hoods. Don’t lean too far inside the enclosure. Keep the sash down, opening the sash can cause loss of containment. Before removing your hands or objects from the enclosure remains still for 10 to 20 seconds to allow the enclosure to purge any contaminants, wipe down potentially contaminated items before removing them and remove contaminated gloves using aseptic technique within the balance enclosure.

No HVAC/Ductwork

Balance Fume Hood OperationBalanced enclosure fume hood use filters and don’t require external ducting offer several benefits. Low energy consumption since tempered laboratory air is not ducted out of the building. Portability, since these units do not require ducting, they can be relocated. Balance stability compared to a few hoods that run at 100 feet per minute. A balanced enclosure can run at a lower face velocity from 60 to 80 feet per minute. This ensures lower turbulence inside the ductless fume hood, providing a work environment better suited for analytical balances.

Quiet Balance Enclosure

Quiet work environment balance enclosures can be operated at noise levels as low as 48 decibels. Demonstrated containment as measured by safe bridge consultants. Consider the space where the enclosure will be installed to ensure proper airflow and containment, and an powder fume hood should be located away from fans. h.v. a/c registers laboratory hoods. High traffic areas, doors, and other sources of airflow currents that could interfere with the unit’s airflow patterns.

Air Back to the Laboratory

While many the balance fume hoods can recirculate air back into the laboratory or clean room, others may not. A canopy connection allows for an enclosure to be thimble connected to the outside for additional protection. And if small quantity solving use is needed and normal operation, the balance enclosure requires little routine maintenance.

Balance Fume Hood

Cleaning and Maintenance Balance Powder Fume Hood

After each use of the balance powder fume hood, all surfaces should be wiped down with a disinfectant or cleaner. Weekly, the exterior of the unit should be wiped down to remove dust twice per year. The face velocity should be tested, and the HEPA filter should be tested for pinhole leaks by a certified technician. Annually, lamps should be checked and replaced if needed. Remember to use your balance enclosure to keep yourself safe correctly.

Features and Specs Balance Fume Hoods

Powder Balance Fume Hood

The built-in blower exhaust HEPA filter is mounted on the top plenum conserves space.
True bag-in/bag-out allows for safe filter replacement and HEPA filter disposal system.
An optimal HEPA filter location permits a leak-detection scan of the entire surface.
Space-saving design. Impeller and HEPA filter is contained within the ventilated balance enclosure upper plenum offer a reduced footprint compared to separate enclosure and exhauster.
The built-in airflow monitor alerts the user to face velocities outside of a pre-set range vented balance powder fume hood models without monitor are also available.
Quiet operation as low as 48 decibels.
Steel rear plenum and baffle, Static-dissipative powder-coated aluminum frame and. We don’t use any untrustworthy plastic-to-plastic bonding.
Balance Enclosure front-mounted pressure gauge helps establish HEPA filter loading.
Upper dilution air supply sweeps clean air towards the back of the sash to keep contaminants away from the lab tech.
Tempered safety glass offers better fire, scratch, and chemical resistance than acrylic and dissipates static charge.
Ergonomic angled sash for comfortable viewing.
Side-entry airfoils allow air to clean interior surfaces to improve containment.
Upper containment sash foil regulates contaminants away from the user’s breathing zone.
Deep 23.4″ interior easily accommodates large analytical balances. Some 5′ – 6′ are available with 30″ interior depths.
The built-in impeller has vibration-isolation supports to minimize disturbance to sensitive balances.
Intrinsically safe. The positive pressure impeller is encircled by a negative pressure plenum so that if a leak should happen, the unfiltered air is captured and re-filtered.
Patented rear baffle with sectors of perforations promotes horizontal laminar airflow. The baffle pivots down for cleanup.
Patented Clean-Sweep airfoil allows air to sweep the work surface to maximize containment.
Optional left-side mounted waste chute isolates contaminated waste in a sealable bag. Some 5ft and 6ft models include a waste chute. Contact Labs USA for ordering information on other balance fume hoods.

All Balance Enclosure Models Feature:

  • Balance Enclosure
    XPert Filtered Balance System 3950402 is shown with Black Solid Epoxy Dished Work Surface 3909902 and Protector Standard Storage Cabinets 9900300. Worksurface and base cabinet must be ordered separately.
    Patented design.
  • The deep interior of 23.4″ or 30.0″ depending on the model.
  • Ergonomic airfoil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings.
  • Upper dilution air supply. Upper containment sash foil.
  • Zone-perforated, pivoting rear baffle. Side-entry airfoils.
  • Exhaust HEPA filter is 99.99% effective on particles 0.3 microns in size.
  • Top-accessible HEPA filter for leak scanning of the entire surface.
  • True bag-in/bag-out filter disposal system (requires a certified technician).
  • Built-in blower with dynamically- balanced, vibration-isolated motorized impeller and speed control. The blower has a 40% reserve so that the speed may be adjusted as needed by a certified technician as the filter loads.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Intrinsically safe, negative pressure design.
  • Space-saving design. No separate filtered exhauster is required.
  • Upper diffuser screen.
  • Quiet operation (see chart below).
  • Steel rear plenum and baffle, Static-dissipative powder-coated aluminum frame and. We don’t use any untrustworthy plastic-to-plastic bonding on the balance enclosure.
  • Pre-wired fluorescent lamp and switches for blower and light.
  • 1/4″ thick tempered safety glass front sash and sides.
  • Ergonomic angled and hinged, pivoting sash with wiping seal. Sashes on 5′ and 6′ models incorporate an external gas-assist lift.
  • Models with 9.4″ sash opening height have 16.5″ locking height and 19.0″ maximum loading height. Models with 12.0″ sash opening height have 25.75″ locking height and 28.25″ maximum loading height.
  • Two (1.5″) utility ports for pass-through of electrical cords.
  • 8′ cord included.
  • Particulate containment independently verified by SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.
  • Validation package available containing Test Reports; Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) Protocol; and Maintenance Log.
Balance Enclosure Total Exhaust CFM and Sound Levels Chart

All balance enclosure models conform to the following rules and requirements:

  • SEFA 1
  • Modified ASHRAE 110
  • ANSI Z9.5
  • UL 61010-1
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1
  • CE Conformity Marking (230-volt models)

Models with Guardian Airflow Monitor include:

  • Guardian Airflow Monitor constantly monitors airflow with a green LED turns on when airflow is within set point range, and a red LED light and an audible alarm that sounds when airflow is beyond set point range.

Models with Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor include:

  • Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor constantly monitors airflow and provides a digital reading of face velocity. An audible/visual alarm alerts the worker when airflow is beyond the set point range. RS-485 communications port allows connection to the user-supplied computer.

Models 6' and 5' with 35.5" exterior depth include:

  • Left-side mounted waste chute. Bags not included. Minimum bag size required: 10″ x 16″.

All models require:

  • Worksurface.
  • Supporting base.

Optional accessories for on-site installation include:

  • Trace Odor Carbon Filters.
  • Utility Shelves, Bottle Holder, and Tissue Holder.
  • Canopy Connections.
  • Remote Blowers.
  • Ductwork.
  • Waste Chute Bags.

Balance Enclosure Sizes and Dimensions

2′, 3′ And 4′ Models Ordering Information & Dimensional Data

Balance Enclosure Dimensions Diagram

Dimensional Data

Ventilated Balance Enclosure Top Dimensions Chart
Vented Balance Safety Enclosure Front Dimensions Chart
Powder Fume Hood Side Dimensions Chart
Balance Enclosure Top Dimensions Chart
Balance Fume Hood Side Dimensions Chart
Balance Enclosure Front Dimensions
Balance Fume Hood Side Dimensions Chart

Balance and Bulk Powder Enclosures Sufaces

Work Surfaces

Balance Fume Hood Solid Epoxy Work Surfaces

Solid Epoxy Work Surfaces

Black chemical-resistant work surfaces are dished to contain spills and contoured to fit the dimensions of Balance Enclosure, Systems, and Stations. available in 2-8 ft wide.

OSHA Epoxy Manual

Balance Enclosure Solid Epoxy Work Surfaces Size Cart
Stainless Steel Work Surfaces

Stainless Steel Work Surfaces

Type 304 stainless steel worksurfaces have a 1″ deep front spill trough and fit sizes of Balance Enclosure, Systems, and Stations. 2-8 feet wide available

Balance Enclosure Stainless Steel Work Surfaces Size Cart

Balance Fume Hoods Base Stands


  • Support XPert Filtered Balance Systems, Filtered Balance Stations, and Balance Enclosures.
  • Durable 1.75″ tubular, powder-coated steel frame. Models 3′ wide and more extensive have rear crossbar supports.
  • Telescoping legs are adjustable to eight height positions in 1″ increments from 27.5″ to 34.5″
  • Available with four fixed leveling feet or 5″ diameter, toe-locking, non-mark- ing polyurethane casters with bearings for quiet operation.
  • Worksurface is required (sold separately)
Telescoping Base Stands
Balance Fume Hood Base Stands
Balance Fume Hood Base Stands diagrams
Ordering Information
Balance Fume Hood Base Stands Size Chart
Balance Fume Hood Base Stands Dimensions
Balance Fume Hood Base Stands Dimensions drawings

Accessory Shelves

Glacier white, powder-coated, 16-gauge steel. Designed to attach on the lower rear horizontal cross member of the Telescoping Base Stand. Provides storage for cleaning agents, gloves, wipes, and other various laboratory resources. One each.




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