Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers allow for a TOUCHLESS Lockers experience, RFID processing, anti-microbial surfaces, easy user access, and TOTAL management control.

Intelligent and secure electronic lockers – for parcel delivery and personal items – available with 24/7 access from any delivery source!
These Custom Locker offer modular and expandable solutions developed especially for parcel and individual use. The Smart Lockers system is maintenance-free and functionality can be managed locally. 

Touchless Lockers

No Touch Access Options

Electronic Lockers - Smart Lockers

Unlike a key-based system, keyless smart lockers technology enables easy, ongoing management of access codes to ensure security is not compromised.

Keyless lock systems can also allow the same code or RFID card to access multiple electronic lockers, therefore reducing the need to carry (and possibly lose) lots of different keys. 

Security of data is of primary concern and our Smart Lockers systems are fully compliant with all data protection standards!

Custom Lockers

Your existing locks can be retrofitted to become touchless… just ask us how!

Allow our innovation and integration experts to work for you!

Pass Through Lockers

Pass Through Smart Lockers from Aurora Storage can provide the type of security that is of crucial importance for chain of custody in labs, law enforcement, and police evidence rooms. Smart lockers can be designed to be stand alone cabinets, wall-mounted, or as a pass through lockers system.

Pass Through lockers
Pass Through lockers

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Locking Mechanisms Assure Security
  • Non-Pass Through Design
    – Slam Lock Design
    – Electronic Keypad Lock
  • Pass Through Lockers
    – Key Lock & Drop
    – One Way Knob Lock w/ Rear Lock Release
    – Electronic Keypad Lock
  • 28 Standard Colors w/ no VOCs
  • Right Hand or Left Hand
  • Swing Door Options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Wall Mountable &
  • Through Wall Mountable
  • Ergonomic Back
  • Release Lever
  • Multiple Door Sizes & Con­gurations
  • Flush Pull Handles on
  • Pass Through Lockers Design
Pass through Smart lockers
Pass Through lockers
Pass through Smart lockers

A multitude of pass through smart locker door configurations are available from 2 doors all the way up to 24 doors to fit your specific needs.

Pass Through Lockers Locking Options

Knob Lock w/ Ergonomic Back Release Lever

Knob Lock w/ Ergonomic

Slam Lock

Back Release Lever Slam Lock

Electronic Lock w/ Key Fob

Electronic Lock w/ Key Fob

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