Modular Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory environments need storage systems to enhance productivity and corrosion resistance. It offers a large variety of storage options and workstation products designed to meet your needs. For more information on recognized systems that “put your space to work,” call us at801-855-8560 today!

Our flexible systems and modular designs allow you to create a custom lab furniture solution and change it as your needs change. The use of our mobile laboratory furniture allows for the maximum customization of each lab environment and changes as your needs change in the future.

Modular laboratory furniture creates flexible spaces. We have the solution for you no matter what you need. You can pick from an assortment of modular units to fit your space, such as closed, open, tall, short, mobile, pre-configured workstations, and modular units.

  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Reconfigure modular lab furniture
  • Flexible to meet your exact needs
  • Corrosion-proof for a contamination-free environment
  • Durable! Won’t chip, peel, dent, or rust – forever!
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Increased organization
  • Easy access to supplies
  • Increased storage density

Return On Investment

Get a return on investment by achieving increased productivity, flexibility, and operational cost savings for years to come. We have been helping companies increase output and reduce lab modernization costs. We do it for laboratories, bio-science, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare facilities.

Also, lab managers often overlook drab environments that don’t inspire top producers: same as poor layouts, clutter, and shrinking floor space.

Grain Productivity Out of Your Lab

Modular lab furniture helps boost employee’s maximum output and worker satisfaction because it increases comfort, safety, and convenience. For example, you know employees can get more done working on a new Apple computer versus an old Windows XP PC!

Avoid Downtime

Modular laboratory furniture provides freedom to move with your ever-changing lab environment with little interruption. Prefab mobile furniture minimizes downtime and lengthy construction so that you can get back to work quicker!

modular lab wood workspace

Upgrade or Convert Existing to Modular Lab Furniture

Upgrade conventional carts, furniture, and shelves to modular lab furniture. Perhaps your facility needs to move though hallways and elevators, modular is the answer. Some labs, such as healthcare facilities, require organized and secure storage that is mobile.

Modular Furniture Lab Accessories

Modular furniture can consist of sinks, drawers, cabinets, over and under storage, adjustable shelving, and more.

These clean looking workstations come in Island-style or wall-mounted. Prefab slows for free-hanging cabinets and integrates backsplashes because of the strong supports and uprights.

For better organization and heavy production areas, you have many options to choose from. Adjustable shelving, drawers, swing doors, customize overheads, or cabinet lights, to name a few.

We make heavy-duty frames for mobile lab furniture. Then, we add utilities, adjustable height benches, tables, steel cabinets, and storage.

You don’t have to decide it all now! Many customers add more components later to their original products. These products go strong for years!

laboratory modular desk

Modular is Flexible!

Mobile and modular laboratory furniture are designed to provide flexible and adaptable furniture solutions to support the different workflow needs for any laboratory.

Our mobile and modular lab systems are some of the most flexible on the market. Therefore, it allows personal to reconfigure the space quickly and efficiently. Mobile furniture is very adaptable with a simple, yet highly durable structure designed for when you need a quick adjustment. Some of our designs include leveling casters to make moves fast and easy.

However, all of our modular furniture meets your lab requirements and combined with stationary furniture. Contact our laboratory experts for configuration design specifically for your space.

It’s “Plug and Play”

The modular furniture quickly adapts to your space and integrates with your current furniture. The framed structure and service connection provides quick “plug and play” install. Our furniture system can quickly adapt to keep up with your ever-changing lab needs. The benching system is a tailored made solution to meet your lab requirements with the perimeter, freestanding, and sink configurations several accessories available. You can create a fully functional and flexible laboratory environment.

Our solutions are not only affordable but are it is aesthetically pleasing with unmatched strength that will last for years and years.

modular lab wood workspace

Future Proof Your Lab Furniture Investment

We provide our customers with solutions that fit their needs but also what may come in the future. You have inherited the furniture you have now from another company that is no longer in business, but we can upgrade it or replace it.

Sometimes you want to take the furniture with you when you move, and you can’t do that as easy with fixed casework that bolted to the floor. Sometimes it harder to make improvements. The modular lab furniture is future-proof and is our approach to provide you with a substantial investment that will last the years.

Updating Or Building A New Lab?

Healthcare, laboratory, ESD, Cleanroom, Clinical, and Wet Lab designs have so many variables. Making Updates with existing furniture can be overwhelming to start or building a new lab. Our sales reps will come to your facility and suggest the best choices for you.

Call For Pricing & More Details

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