Laboratory Casework Specifications PDFAt a time when quality and service appear to be overlooked in favor of dollars and cents by many of our competitors, Labs USA has chosen to follow the old adage, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. We feel that the direction our competitors are taking is not in your best interest. Therefore, we will continue to manufacture exclusively in the USA, maintaining the high quality, maximum flexibility, and component interchangeability that have always been associated with us for the past 34 years. The largest benefit to our valued customers is that this is all available while maintaining a pricing structure second to none.

Our standard 16 color selection, free design service, and over 500 unit matrix allows you, the customer, to create a custom & laboratory casework specifications to fit your every need.

Our motto is simple: “Quality of product and service to our customer base creates new customers”. Proudly manufacturing in the USA, we at Labs USA are confident that we can meet laboratory casework specifications, big or small.

Laboratory Casework SpecificationsFREE Design Service

When you’re envisioning your new lab, you have thoughts, ideas, concerns, constraints, and desires to maximize your laboratory casework specifications. Your process starts with you and thinking about your team as you prepare notes, sketches, and, eventually, a preliminary layout. Sooner or later, you’ll need support.

Did you know it’s possible get FREE HELP from Labs USA?  When you utilize us, the design service is free, from your conception to our completion of your laboratory project. Why is it free, you may ask, it’s because we want the opportunity to help you and offer you competitive pricing. Contact your our reps today for more information on how we together can turn your dreams into a design reality.

Laboratory Casework Quick Delivery in 4-6 weeks

Labs USA offers the quickest manufacturing lead time in the industry with lead times of 4-6 weeks.  Alternatively, visit our in stock webpage to learn more about our quick ship options in our most popular color, Champagne, in as little as 10 days.  Essential laboratory casework specifications such as sinks, countertops, and more are also available with this program.

When quick ship in stock model availability in 10 days isn’t necessary, Lab USA offers a complete 445 pedestal casework product line to you with a committed lead time of 45 days or less.  This commitment includes any of our 16 standard color finishes, any laboratory casework specifications, and any additional laboratory products required (Fume Hoods, Countertops, Fire Safety Cabinets, Acid Storage Units, etc.) to complete your facility on time. You can count on that!

Laboratory Casework and CabinetsKnowledgeable Laboratory Designers

Labs USA takes great pride in offering you very knowledgeable direct sales reps and in-house sales support staff that enhances your experience. “Reliable, committed, and well trained” has been our motto for over 50 years.  We ensure our reps not only know laboratory casework specifications but ensure they know people and how to understand their needs from a common-sense approach.

You can expect excellent service with a caring mindset. You deserve it, and we provide it.  Your successful project isn’t just our goal; it’s our commitment to you and your facility.

Laboratory Wood CabinetsManufactured in the USA

Some companies state they manufacture in the US, when in reality, they are only assembling their finished product in the US;  These companies outsource their formed parts and other components from foreign markets outside of the US, then have them imported, only to ASSEMBLE their finished products here in the US, we manufacture in the USA.

Our steel is sourced in the Midwest…the paint finishes come out of Georgia and North Carolina…the drawer slides from California and South Carolina, and the complete metal fabrication process comes out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Born, bred, and building in our United States of America and very proud to do so for over 50 years.

Complete Lab Furniture Systems, Casework, Work Surfaces, Sinks, Adjustable Tables, Fixtures,  Cleanrooms, and Shelving.

Fume Hoods such as Benchtop, Exhaust Snorkels, Walk-in, Ductless, Laminar Flow for Dust, Chemicals, and Hazardous Fumes.

Healthcare and Medical Equipment Such As Medical Lab Carts, Mobile Shelves, Inventory, Lockers, Storage Racks and More.

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Discover the possibilities of your laboratory today. 

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