Chemical Lab Furniture Casework

All in stock steel cabinets and chemical hoods have a powder coated “Pearl White” finish that is SEFA 8 compliant. A wide range of other colors and cabinet styles are available.

Our quick delivery cabinetry comes in flat inset style. All cabinet components of the separate units are manufactured ensuring uniformity, interchangeability, and accurate alignment.

Ships as little as 5 Days.

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Chemical Lab Furniture Work surfaces

We offer many work surfaces options, from in-stock products to custom fabricated work surfaces. Our in-stock work surfaces include epoxy resin and phenolic resin tops. These materials can also be special ordered to meet specific size and space requirements. Other materials are available for custom fabrication, including chemically resistant plastic laminate, hardwood, and stainless steel.

Ships as little as 7 weeks.

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Chemical Lab Furniture Water Purification Systems

Most laboratory and clinical applications require purified water from drinking water. However, the unique ability of water to dissolve (to some extent) virtually every chemical compound and support practically every form of life means that drinking water supplies contain many substances in solution or suspension. During the purification process, any additional impurities are removed. Furthermore, unlike other raw materials, drinking water may vary significantly in purity both from one geographical region to another and from season to season.

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