MVMT Pro Series

Vacuum-Formed FC Series

Belize B Series

Laboratory Chair MVMT Pro Series
Laboratory Chair Vacuum-Formed FC Series
Laboratory Chair Belize B Series

Laboratory chairs designed for healthcare, laboratory and clean rooms including standing work applications

Laboratory chairs designed for physicians, directors, patient intake and other healthcare personnel applications

Laboratory chairs recommended for: industry, education, laboratory, clean room, healthcare and office

ArmorSeat G Series

Uniqueu U Series

Standing Work Chair S Series

Laboratory Chair ArmorSeat G Series
Laboratory Chair Uniqueu U Series
Laboratory Chair Standing Work Seating S Series

This lab chair is the multi-purpose solution for almost anywhere: schools, colleges, universities, pathology, clinical labs, industry, manufacturing and hospital

Laboratory chair recommended for: industry, education, laboratory, clean room and healthcare

Laboratory chair recommended for: laboratories, healthcare, industry, education, retail and hospitality

Rexford Vacuum-Formed R Series

Regent Vacuum Formed Series

Pogo RT and RX Series

Laboratory Chair Rexford Vacuum-Formed R Series
Laboratory Chair Regent Vacuum Formed Series
Laboratory Chair Pogo RX Series

Laboratory chair recommended for: healthcare applications, exam rooms, surgical suites and recovery

The addition of the streamlined backrest to this ergonomic lab chair stool makes it a comfortable option for healthcare workers

Vertical-surface-mountable design with swing-arm provides a lab chair option for tight spaces

Zephyr FP Series

Trend Series

Laboratory Chair Zephyr FP Series
Laboratory Chair Trend Series

Laboratory chair provides an executive experience for managers and administrative staff

Full ergonomic functionality and profile provides versatility for multiple healthcare workspaces

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