HardWall Cleanroom

HardWall CleanroomHardWall cleanrooms are the most durable of all modular cleanroom constructions. Suitable for all industries, this style of room will provide you with the structure that you need along with the cleanliness that your product requires. Meeting ISO Class 8 to ISO Class 5 or below requirements, you can rest assured that this modular cleanroom will meet your needs now and into the future.

Whether used as a standalone structure, or as dividing and demising walls, the HardWall structure provides a versatile solution. The 3″ thick panels that make up this system are comprised with a 1/2″ sheet of gypsum on either side of the wall finished in either vinyl, FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), or painted steel, and a polystyrene core. This panel construction offers an R-value of 11 and provides a class A fire rating with a flame spread of less than 5 and a smoke density of less than 10. Tempered safety glass windows with beveled sills are utilized to give you and your customers the visibility you seek, and standard 3′ 0″ x 7′ 0″ doors with windows and manual closers allow for entry and exit wherever required. When used as a standalone enclosure, these cleanrooms are capped with a rigid metal rook deck that can have load bearing capacities added to it for walkability or storage. This roof decking creates a solid platform for the drop ceiling inside of the cleanroom to hang from, and the cavity between the desk and drop ceiling creates a sealed plenum for airflow. HardWall cleanrooms can be set up as a once-thru airflow scheme with return air grilles and louvers or can be constructed as a recirculating airflow allowing you to maintain a set temperature and humidity. No matter your application, a HardWall cleanroom is a great option for your modular cleanroom needs.

Cleanroom Specifications: The HardWall systems below include the modular wall panels finished with a smooth white vinyl, all stud posts, 3′ 0″ x 7′ 0″ steel door with closer, rigid metal rood decking, 1-1/2″ pre-gasketed drop ceiling grid, motorized HEPA filter modules which are 99.99% efficient at 0.3μm or larger, Class 100 T-8 fluorescent cleanroom light fixtures at 3500K, and vinyl covered cleanroom ceiling tiles.

Custom sizes, alternate cleanroom classifications, and other HardWall finish options are available. Please contact your Labs USA Account Manager for further details on each of the sizes listed.

Part Number Dimensions W x D x H Room ISO Class Rating Quantity and Size of HEPA Fan Units Included Door Size and Quantity
8' x 8' x 8' (2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 m)
1 - 2' x 4'
1 - 3' x 7'
12' x 12' x 8' (3.6 x 3.6 x 2.4 m)
2 - 2' x 4'
1 - 3' x 7'
16' x 16' x 8' (4.8 x 4.8 x 2.4 m)
3 - 2' x 4'
1 - 3' x 7'

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