Healthcare Storage Carts

Healthcare Storage Carts are an ideal solution for mobile closed cabinetry. To decrease the usage of stationery cabinets in procedure rooms, it is advisable to the portable working counters or tall mobile storage modules.

  • Healthcare Storage Carts is provided with a different range of front, Tambour doors, see throw glass door or solid HPL doors.
  • Light aluminum structure with cleanable high-pressure laminated side panel panels

Storage Carts provides a unique, diversified storage cart product line. A combination of different enclosures, depths, heights, and locking systems enables us to provide the optimum solution for any ward in your hospital or lab clinic.

Healthcare Storage Carts

Healthcare Storage Carts Overview

Fully ISO (60X40cm) compatible

All surfaces are made of polymers and therefore resistant to moisture

ABS top cover, PP bottom floor, PVC exterior walls

The entire inside compartment of the cart is easy to clean

Self-drainage floor for quick and easy cleaning

5″ (125mm) medical grade casters, non-marking rubber casters, 2x swiveling + 2x swiveling with brakes

Full 360 wrap-around bumper

Improved dense tray capacity due to the use of high capacity interior side panels. Standard 183cm (72″) cart accommodates up to 18 units of 5cm (2″) deep trays / 11 pcs of 10cm (4″) deep trays / 7 pcs of 20 cm (8″) deep trays

Extended caster pattern for increased stability

ABS side panels can be equipped with small wheels for smoother and easier movement of heavily loaded trays

Designated perforated rails accommodate the use of telescopic slides for support of heavy items. These can be used in combination with the side panels or separately

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