The Best Commercial Grow Accessories for High Yield Results

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We are excited to tell you about Mightylite and how it will help your cannabis investment from cultivation through delivery by keeping the temperature consistent and improving efficiency!

commercial grow accessories: stack able toes

How does Cannabis Tote fit into the cannabis process?

  • Insulated for maximum terpene preservation. Terpenes evaporate easily, resulting in potency loss and decreased medicinal benefit.
  • Lightweight & easy to carry. Allows for ease of movement between locations (i.e. cannabis kitchens to dispensaries).
  • Stacks safely. Helps to keep the product in place; minimizing loss of profit and injury.
  • Protects product. Transport can be rough. Mightylite keeps items from outside damages.
  • Discreet delivery.
  • Masks any potential odors.
  • Keeps edibles cool. Can be utilized in refrigerated environments, keeping edibles at desired temperatures.

commercial grow accessories: black cannabis totesWhat applications will benefit from using a Cannabis Tote?

  • Cannabis Kitchens
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Extraction Facilities
  • Dispensaries
  • Delivery Services
  • Connoisseurs who want to keep the flavors at their peak!

commercial grow accessories: cannabis totes are not heavyIs It Heavy?

NO! Mightylite is made of ultra-light EPP (Expanded Polypropylene). It’s 80% lighter than traditional carriers, and has 4 convenient, ergonomic handles for easy carrying.

commercial grow accessories: cannabis totes are cleanableIs It Cleanable?

YES! Use 409 cleaner with a soft bristle brush, and then rinse with a hose or run through a dishwasher to clean. 

commercial grow accessories: cannabis totes are durableIs It Durable?

VERY! Mightylite is made of strong EPP, and designed to absorb impact without damage. 

commercial grow accessories: cannabis totesWant more information?

Contact one of our cannabis commercial grow accessories experts to learn more.

Cannabis Vertical Growing

For the last few years, the increasing legalization of cannabis has been a growing story. And at Aurora Storage, we have a commercial growing accessories for every story. We’ve incorporated Vertical Growing Racks into our already deep product offering to allow for the maximization of crop yields in the Cannabis Industry.




Commercial Grow Accessories: Mobile Storage for vertical Growing illustrationMobile Storage for Vertical Growing

We have developed a patent-pending complete growing system that allows for the minimum use of floor space while maximizing vertical space to increase crop yields by up to 4-times as much as traditional vertical growing systems. We can build a custom system to fit in any space while integrating commercial growing accessories such as Grow Lights, Irrigation, and Drainage Components to provide you with the most efficient, turn-key growing system in the space allowed.

Commercial Grow Accessories: Mobile Storage for vertical Growing illustrationFeatures

  • Easy Operating Mobile Carriages provide smooth guided wheel on rail
  • Grow Lights, Irrigation and drainage integrated in the Frame
  • Vertical Grow Racking made from modular components
  • 31 Available Colors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in both Manual and Electric Systems

Other Applications

  • Hemp
  • Hydroponic Growing
  • Compact Flowering Gardens
  • Compact Produce Gardens
  • Urban Farming

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