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Chemistry Lab FurnitureWe offer many chemistry furniture options, from in-stock products to custom fabricated furniture. Our in-stock work surfaces include epoxy resin and phenolic resin tops work well with chemistry experiments. These materials can also be special ordered to meet specific size and space requirements. Other materials are available for custom chemistry furniture, including chemically resistant plastic laminate, hardwood, and stainless steel.

Chemistry lab furniture can be ordered in different depths, with unique edge details, with extra high backsplashes, or a variety of cutouts. Our Lab USA specialists are here to assist you in selecting the right chemistry furniture material and style to meet your chemistry lab.

Most black epoxy and phenolic tops, work surfaces, chemistry hood, and casework for chemistry are fabricated within 6 days after receipt of approved drawings. Complete specifications and samples of chemical lab furniture materials are available from your Labs USA Specialist. Delivery of stainless steel, laminate or hardwood tops is 7-8 weeks, after receipt of approved chemistry lab drawings

Material Appearance and Color Composition Chemical Resistance Applications
Phenolic Resin
Black or Grey, hard, smooth non-glare surface
1" thick cellulose fiber reinforced phenolic resin core with a polyurethane copolymer surface.
Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents
Use wherever a high degree of chemical resistance is required.
Epoxy Resin
Black, smooth non-porous surface
1" thick molded epoxy resin
Excellent resistance to practically all acids, alkalis and solvents. Highly resistant to heat and regular physical abuse.
Use wherever a high degree of chemical resistance is required
Stainless Steel
Silver No. 4 finish
1 1/2" thick Type 304 furnished as standard, but other types are available when specified.
Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of reagents
Recommended for sterile and radiological laboratories
Hardwood, Oak or Maple
Natural varnish, or penetrating oil finish
2 1/4" thick solid edge-grain Maple or Oak strips, glued together electronically and finished with baked-on clear synthetic varnish or penetrating oil.
Fair chemical resistance, but not recommended for use in chemical laboratories
Excellent top material for Physics tables, Electronic benches, and other areas where mechanical or physical work levels are prevalent
High-Pressure Laminates
Hard, smooth surface available in many colors
1 1/2" plastic laminated surface attached with water-resistant adhesive to solid particle board. Available in a choice of colors and patterns
Fair chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents
Recommended for light duty purposes

Custom Chemistry Work Surfaces

Please note that we offer custom chemistry work surfaces in both 1” (2.5 cm) thick black epoxy resin and phenolic resin. These custom chemistry work surfaces are available for shipment within 6 business days of approved drawings. They are designed and engineered to suit your chemistry lab.

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